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Hi, to keep some money coming over the winter I am aiming to take on pressure washing cleaning driveways, patios etc. Any advice on whether to hire in a decent washer on a monthly basis or buy ( up to £1k) will that be robust enough? Any recommendations.Also does anyone find using an enclosed rotating jet head more time efficient and less mess. Thanks in advance.

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  • I would hire in at the start till you get enough work to make it viable to buy as pressure washing is difficult to come by 

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      I agree with David here after investing in a pressure washer and buying all the kit  also advertising it as a separate  service it has yet to pay for itself and very rarely do i get any enquiries 

      As an add on to existing customers it sells but as an added benefit to them i don't charge them as a separate service just my normal rate , Its a bit of icing on the cake for their gardens and i take pride in the finish . 

      After doing some research i realised there is more to pressure washing than i first thought , some firms wash and seal which looks complicated and i read somewhere about pressure washing stripping wood off decking and ruining some types of paving slabs ,blasting mortar out of joints  i decided for the amount of enquiries i am getting which is none its not viable .

      Sorry its a negative response , I am just a bit cautious but i am sure there are others with more positive experiences but basically i invested in a machine which hardly ever/ gets used .

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        I bought a karcher k4 to test the waters and had exactly the same result as you! I’m glad I didn’t spend big on it.
        I think that around here anyway the problem is that there are 2 that I’ve seen with huge van or trailer mounted hot pressure washers that can do jobs in a quarter of the time I can
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    Probably better off offering spray cleanng / moss / algae control with something like MMC pro. Results aren't instant like pressure cleaning but it's maybe a better long term solution.. it's also easy to apply, good long term results and don't have the outlay in equipment..
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      Just looked up MMC pro looks like that is a definite option especially as we have spray kit already.
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    Thanks all useful food for thought. I am also a but cautious as I know different surfaces require different techniques otherwise can be ruined!! I am inclined to offer as part of regular service for my year round regulars but will hold off buying a washer I think.
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    I'd start with a cheaper model. Plenty of Chinese engined models around that do a reasonable job. For most of the 6.5hp models an 0.25 turbo nozzle is what you need. This speeds things up no end, and lets you dip your toe in the water for around £300 for pressure washer and nozzle.

    I've run an Evolution Evo-System pressure washer (Chinese engine) for three years with it being used for maybe a day a fortnight either as pressure washer or generator. Until you're getting a job a week pressure washing you can afford to take a couple more hours cleaning, and being able to use it as a generator too doubles it's versatility.

    I certainly wouldn't hire. I'd rather buy a second hand big pressure washer for around £500 if you really feel you need serious gallons per minute to get started. £500is only half a dozen hires, and it stacks up even further when you consider your time to collect and return it.

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    I bought a decent setup over the summer, Honda 390 and a 20" flat surface cleaner.
    Paid for itself in no time, have a load of cleaning booked in for February. As it happens I'm away to a course this weekend on soft washing.

    I would recommend holding off on buying one until you know you will have enough work to justify buying decent kit. £1000 is not enough IMO for agood setup.  It's all about flow rate with power washers, the higher the water output the quicker you do the job.

    Hire for now and see if the work is there.

  • I bought a Karcher K4 pressure washer from Halfords which I use to clean off decking for two customers and two patios for another two customers plus several concrete paths.I also clean out several of my customers' wheely bins as well. As others have pointed out, only really used for my regulars as an extra means of earning money in the leaner months. I have also washed a customer's car as well!
  • i like people who pressure wash patios. we got lets or work out of it doing repairs to pointing! if you do get in to it, unless you know what you are doing, do NOT start offering to seal paving. you can ruin paving in an instant with irreversible results. its a minefield with the different paving types and sealers out there

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