PPE, Helmets and ear defenders

 Further to a previous discussion, ( Adam Woods- Phew, I'm glad I was wearing the right kit), I am looking to get a new helmet for strimming/hedgetrimming. Currently I use a Stihl mesh visor,helmet, ear defenders combo. This one has lasted me for 3 years but to  be honest, the ear defenders aren't great and I think I've probably pushed my luck far enough with the visor. Also, I could do with some separate ear defenders for mowing. As with everything, I would sooner pay for quality than be buying them again in a month or so......or something worse.

Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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    I had the Stihl helmet but same problem with the ear defenders not making contact with ears , fortunately it got stolen so i bought an oregon with mesh visor and ear defenders which was a great well fitting helmet until it also got stolen but i soon replaced it with same one from machine mart , under £20 compared to the Stihl which cost over £40 .

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    Husqvarna balance helmets are what we use. Build quality is better than the Stihls and they are cheaper too.
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      Another vote for the Husky helmet, not had any problems with mine and it gets thrown around a bit.

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        Yep, mines the Husqvarna also..
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. Looks like I'll be ordering the Husky. I'm going to go for some Husky ear defenders too for using the mower. I've always brought Stanley Premium Ear Defenders previously but altough good at muffling the noise, I find they tend to damage easily in the rough and tumble of working.

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      For Ear Defenders on their own we use Peltor Optime II which are comfy and very much fit for purpose.
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        agree with those -- cant complain about them -- have been great 

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        plus one

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        me too - nice and comfy to wear for long periods and do the job well reducing sound levels. 

  • I use a copy of the husky Balance helmet (called the Balance helmet) which i got from Honey brothers, i have chipper spec defenders and can't fault it.  I think it was about £30.

    Its out of date now so will be replacing it with the same one. 

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