• Berberis darwinii?
    • It looks like Berberis, but I can't ever remember seeing berries on it?

      • ...and after a quick google search, yes it is Berberis Darwinni... thank you Melissa.. :-)

        • A pleasure. Always like a plant ID challenge... Don't always get them right!
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            good quick reply :) 

            theres peeps out there loving the plant ids :) 

  • I remember my cousin and I eating loads of these one day when we were very small kids. Got fed a load of milk of magnesia as a punishment
    • They do look a bit like blueberries!
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    The birds love em however you do end up with purple bird crap everywhere.
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    Is it not berberis stenophylla we have one in the front of our own garden or have I got it wrong?
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    I used to love plant ident tests at college:)

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