I'm sure there are some of us that don't, I certainly didn't used to before I started doing this job full time. Well today it was a case of PHEW THANK HEAVENS for the PPE.

Strimming some over grown ground for an elderly couple, and the big Stihl strimmer picked up what turned out to be a wee fork - you know the fork and trowel sets, it hit the fence then bounced onto  the helmet visor and then down on the ground in front of me.... that would have been a big OUCH followed by hospital and no end of lost ££....possibly an eye who knows??

I suppose I'm posting this just as a reminder to some of us that fall into my former camp of not bothering especially with the warm weather.

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  • I'm glad to hear you are OK, it always shakes you up when something like that happens.  It never fails to amaze me how many people you see using strimmers with out eye or ear protection let alone a helmet.  

    Is your visor a mesh or solid perspex one?

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      It was perspex... and it worked

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    that's me, i don't usually wear anything, sometimes some glasses if i have my sunglasses with me.

    What do you recommend I should wear?

    Glad you're alright!

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      With a big strimmer I would definitely change that .. given today's experience

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    The interests of strimming long grass! I got hit in the chest (on the buckle of my harness) by a piece of glass end of last year. Certainly a surprise when you hear the noise and feel the thump.

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    Were you using a blade?
    I never use the blades as I worry about this kind of thing happening!
    If cutting tough stuff I put the jet fit on with some really thick line 4-7mm depending on what it is. At least line breaks stopping (well hopefully) this kind of this happening.
  • glad you are ok and it did its job, now you need to buy a new helmet or at least a new visor after it has received a large impact also hard hats have a sell by date (cannot remember as to what age they need replacing ) 

  • If you're using commercial stuff, wear full ppe, I really notice it when not wearing saw trousers when doing light brushcutting, you suddenly notice all the stones and twigs hitting your legs. Not so interested in perspex, more about safe technique and better visibility through mesh, than silly revs and foggy crusted perspex when using metal blades. Always helmet, muffs and visor, front protection, gloves, arms and neck if doing toxics (I tend to forget, too hot!) Don't forget the right gaurd if using a mulching blade
    • Perspex will save your life though.
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        Yes Ben. I'm switching from visor to perspex the next time I visit my supplier. It is amazing how many things find their way through a visor. The other day I was hit in the eye through it, nothing serious but a warning nonetheless.

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