Petrol pressure washers or a generator and electric?

What petrol pressure washers do people use.? Weighing up the merits of getting a dedicated petrol one or a separate generator to run my older stihl 2kw electric. The generator would have to be 6kw through which gets uneconomical for occasional use.

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    Generator route is pointless, as I presume you have already realised. You need an engine powering a pump directly. All the small 6hp jobs are much of a muchness- they are OK, but not pro machines. Fine for patio cleaning by the hour though. What about just using the customers power to run your electric machine? 2kw isn't that much of a draw, just make sure you have a short extension cable that you've done the voltage drop calculations on. 2.5mm core cable 10mm long should be plenty overkill.

    I like the Evoloution system. Cheap enough, and you can use it as a generator too-

    We run a couple of these and they've been OK. A few niggles but no worse than any other cheap petrol washer, unless you got one with a Honda engine. That's a point, Honda machines come up cheap second hand quite often. A mate got two for £200. Maybe keep an eye out for one of them?

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    Why do you need a 6kW generator ?

    We regularly run a a top model NilFilsk from a small 2.5kw generator which we sit at rear of van with doors open as well as a 13hp dedicated petrol power washer.

    Horses for courses, the NilFilsk (or similar) is great for signage, bin areas etc, but for car parks/patios the larger machine with an FSC attachment has to be used.

  • Petrol jetwash if you are doing big jobs. Just had a big jetwash job. 4 days, 20l of petrol. FSC attachment was used to....

    What sort of thing are you wanting it for?
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    Regular gardens steps paths patios. Half of which are out of reach of electrics. I was advised to get a generator x3 of equipment output. 2kW pressure washer equals 6kW generator. Looks like getting a petrol washer might be necessary. Looking at the Be Honda machines.
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      How do you get to that ? We run a 1.8Kw jet wash from a 2.5Kw generator without any hassle. As all genny's it takes a hit on startup but then's fine. Think someone must have been on a bonus scheme ?

      Also runs a 2kw kettle fine ;)

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        Read it online from "how to choose your pressure washer guides". Possibly a chance they might have been trying to get me to spend more than I needed.!
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        If you want to do it properly, you do need a much larger genny to run a pressure washer. Same goes for a compressor. This is due to the startup load of the motor.

        Kettles and the like do not have this problem as they work simply upon resistance.

        x3 of the load the accepted standard to remove risk of damage to the generator or the motor. This is also the reason you need a thick extension if you wish to move a large motor (such as a compressor or jetwash) away from a socket. They suck a lot of amps at startup.

        I'm guilty of running a little compressor off a little generator every now and then. But I'm under no illusion as to the risk, and prepared to replace it. For the OP, petrol would be the best route.

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    Do people find there is much of a market for pressure washing. Keeping in mind I'm only interested in investing in a high end domestic /small commercial machine.
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    I have a bottom of the range pro (Honda engine) Delta its runs at 250 bar and 15 lpm (the minimum you must have to attach a FSC) my machine will do this, ive used a 21 LPM machine with a FSC a lot better. The down side is as it lets rip at 21 LPM....Your wheelie bin, which I use as a resevior tank, get empty very quickly, so your flow in. IE from the household tap, must have enough supply not to override the supply.

    In my opinion - Don't even go down the generator route, or the Karcher route, very household un professional.

    We do a fair bit of floor cleaning to complement the grounds work. We are often asked to soft wash a few area or buildings. I've have not been bold enough to start soft washing yet. This gets subbed out.

    Ps I was fortunate enough to purchase my machine second hand at £600.00 I suppose I wouldn't have paid £1200-£1400 for the list price of my machine. Like any proper piece of kit. If you want to do a1 job and look professional, you'll have to invest.  Do you use a cheap hedge trimer, no you probably don't - point made !!



    my machine -

    Ps if anyone is seriously interested I have 2 very good contact who sell the best made jet wash machine in the country, both midlands based. Nearly everyone I know on facebook pressure washing groups get recommended to these 2 people. They are not cheap, but you get the best machine, with the best parts.

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      Have to disagree about Generator or Karcher route - you pick the solution to suit the job. Sure if you buy one of £59.99 domestic ones.

      FSC requirements are dictated by diameter, jets and number of lances (2 or 3). In fact our 21" commercial one has MAX rating of 275bar/4000psi.

      p.s - most car/van valeters I know run top of range Karcher or NilFisk - which is why we got one (we have a vans done every few months and my car is treated with love & care & kid gloves)

      There's quite few posts on LJN (certainly from me) about jet washers, FSC's, Rotocleanses

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