• PRO

                      Ironic, eh ? I take a balanced view. We do what you are planning to do and I've stated that a choice has to fit the requirements.

                      So are Honda powered Clarke pressure washer units bad then ? Our ones were recommended to us by several businesses that perform estate maintenance/grounds care and have used them for years.

                      Clearly if you use them 5-6 days a week, 8hrs a day you will need extra heavy duty gear.

                      It's bit like talking to a petrolhead who drives all day in Porsche 911Turbo S and him saying it's the only option because the rest are not as good, poor quality, vibrate and not as fast, yet you only want to drive to the yard, sites and run around when you need to......

                      I can only say how it came across and as for "insults", really ?

                      You mentioned your views were based on Review sites. It's just nice to deal with real life facts and see them working.

                      What is your business and what do you do ?

                    • PRO
                      You started off by stating not to listen to 3rd parties when technically you your self are a 3rd party. As I said once you start chucking insults about I'm disinclined to take any notice of your "real life facts". So before the degenerates any further I suggest we end this here. You can have the last word if you need to.

                      Richard jones good luck with your future venture
                    • PRO

                      I will thanks.

                      I'm giving some life reality - not an anonymous review site (you can check my profile). Once questioned you backtracked and not have supported those views with fact which could be misleading - ie you recommend Honda engined units, yet dismiss Clarke washers thus equipped? Offer still stands.

                      Richard, take the above with a pinch of salt. Be clear about what you need, see equipment in use, considering talking to Hire companies as well to trial and ask what could suit, consider how much it will be used and buy accordingly within your budget.

                      It's great having a top spec machine, but if it's an over kill or sitting there collecting dust your bank balance will be hurting.

                • PRO
                  I use a Karcher K4 about 4 times a year and it's fine for me:)

    They also have a YouTube channel describing all different setup's.
    diesel engine and petrol engine pressure washers parts and accessories
  • PRO
    I always tend think Clarke as Machine Marts own brand, probably because as far as I know both are Clarke family businesses.

    I also tend to think of Clarke machines as being budget machines engineered for the price conscious customer, if anything they seem to be solid and chunky rather than light and elegant, thus hard to bust.

    If I was looking for a machine just for me to use I might be looking at the higher end machine, but for employees to bounce on and off the truck I would certainly consider a Clarke.

    What you do want is a pressure washer that will pick up water from a tank or bowser.

    • PRO

      Not sure which machine the original poster Richard bought in the end as this post goes back to June but it caught my eye as i am adding  pressure washing to my services and i feel a Clarke machine will suffice for what i have in mind , I have bought Clarke products in the past and they have never failed to disappoint . 

      The Clarke machine i have now ordered is within my budget and has the spec i require , It can be connected to a water tank , I had this machine in mind before Gary recommended Clarke and his recommendation just helps to swing the balance and i feel i can buy with confidence but my experience may be different and there may be better machines out there but it fits the bill for my purpose as an add on service and i am sure Gary was prudent enough to do his homework . If there is a demand i can always upgrade or buy a second machine if this one stands up to my abuse . 

      • PRO

        A pragmatic approach. Clarke machines have offered value for money for us and I have no complaints. We've dinged them etc but have suffered no major outages, with just silly spares needed and available.

        Like you say, there are certainly more expensive machines out there but somewhere you have to draw the line with what you plan to do and it fit your bank balance. I've never regretted the decision.

        Look after it check engine and pump oil, understand how the regulator works and watch how you coil your hose (ie not over/around the exhaust ;) !!!

  • PRO

    I have 3 good friends that run pressure cleaning co's and with all resepct Gary you know the ins and outs of grouynds and gardening, this is the only thing i have to massivly disgree with you about.  Its like someone recomeding a mountfield for commercial lawnmowing !!! its wont work. 

    I dont know how much work you do, and when your clarke pump goes boom, i think you may have trouble. Rutland pumps are the people to go to. There is also a chap in the Lake district, and also a co near me in Laindon, Essex. 

    The pump is the main thing, my pump is £700.00 and with a combined Honda Engine GX340, its bullit proof, however there is always bigger and better. 

    I did my biggest job using my machine, it took 16 days, inc sanding and i smashing out 250 - 300 sq m a day, It was the car park of a c grade wedding venue we do the lawns and now 1 day a week gardening.

    I actually needed a bigger machine, but i couldnt hire a bigger machine, the old Honda Delta trusted me well.

    Good luck and dont buy cheap, youll be looking to pay at least 1000-1200(£) possibly more whne you included high pressure hose extension, wheelie bin for resevior tank usage, chems (if you are giung to use them) Floof surface cleaner.

    Good luck, and enjoy the power. 

    • PRO

      Lets disagree then :)

      We find it works for us and have been doing it for over 10 years and no, it's not used 24*7.

      You're looking at 'absolutes'. If you run a dedicated, focused jet washing company I would not disagree, but that's not the discussion being had.

      If you want to offer such a service alongside all the other services then it's different scenario.

      We've do large office / industrial estate car parks, paths, graffiti and they've performed faultlessly except when we've caused issues.

      People on LJN always seem to take the extremes, when often there's "50 shades of jet washing".

This reply was deleted.

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