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    a decent one isnt cheap have a look on rutland pumps site they sell honda evolution 20lmp for about £1000 plus 

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    I am looking into the Clarke range at the moment but still undecided .

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      If you only want it for occasional light use then get a Clarke but it probably won't stand up to commercial use, I've been researching this very thing as I'm considering adding patio an drive cleaning to my business.
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        Why do you say Clarke power washers won't stand up for commercial use ?
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          The build quality mainly and the type of pumps they use. But it depends on how much work an what type of cleaning you intend to do, pretty much everyone who does patio and drive way cleaning professionally wouldn't use clarkes as they won't take the amount of use they do.
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            Have to disagree. You can't slate a whole brand on 3rd party rhetoric. We have two that get hard work using FSC attachments for commercial use or graffiti cleaning.

            I'm not saying there are not better and more expensive options, but it's like anything, you select relevant to your planned usage. 

            p.s. Never had a problem apart from self inflicted ....

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              If you aren't going to take into consideration the views of people whom use a peice of kit you are looking to buy then that would mean all review sites are pointless. Personally I wouldn't buy a Clarke for business use reasons being build quality, reliability, resale value. I'd rather invest in a higher end commercial spec machine with either a Honda or Briggs an Stratton engine with an Interpump 59 series pump. That way I know I will get good power be able to clean in a relatively quick time while still achieving a good finish. But each to their own if a clarke works for you no reason to change.
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                Ironic. I'm passing on what I've found with a number of others, that do use them (and recommended them) - so I'm talking from experience - are you ? Clearly not as one of ours uses a Honda Engine.

                You can invest money how you wish but I find it arrogant to dismiss someone's kit that uses them regularly to generate money. We only do business parks etc commercially as and when required.

                Neither of us exactly know what the OP wants - if he's going 100% FT in jet washing and nothing else, then yes you buy the best and probably a diesel. If like most it's a service offered along many others you cut your cloth to suit,

                I can't see what you do for a business as your LJN profile just say 'Blah' for your business description.

                Review sites are plagued with "anonymous" negativity or from people who often have an axe to grind.

                But having used them for over 5-6 years and as you say - each to their own.

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                  p.s. Your welcome to come take a closer look, see the build quality and compare them to what you use (what do you use ?), see them in real life use with one of the teams.

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                    Ironically you are the first person I've spoken to that has ever recommended a Clarke. I don't use review sites I prefer to talk to people in the industry buy that i I mean companies that do nothing but pressure washing, which I have done some who stick to small domestic drives etc others who are commercial contracts only so retail parks, business parks etc etc. So I'm not being "arrogant" nor am I "dismissing a brand" like I said if it works for you who cares what anyone else thinks the consensus I have found is they are ok machines but tend to shake them selves to bits when used on a daily basis. If you have a different exsperiance with these machines then that's something I would of been interested in however once you start chucking insults about I'm less inclined to take any notice of anything else you have to say.
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