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Petition against tax returns 4x a year

I couldn't find any mention of this elsewhere, so I don't think I'm repeating anyone else's discussion. You may have heard that Osborne in intending to change the tax system so that all small businesses and self-employed fill in tax returns four times a year. It'll be an enormous burden. A petition has already gathered a lot of signatures and it only needs around 20,000 more for the matter to be up for consideration for a parliamentary debate. I doubt if anyone in LJN is too keen on the idea. May I urge everyone to sign the petition?

You can find it at

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            Ok not sure what you mean there:-)
            And more to the point I don't really see that we are going to have any choice which I don't agree with.
            Then again was this not hidden deep in the Tory manifesto?
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              Take a look at comparable legislation.

              Of course there's a choice, we all have a Voice - one can make their views known via Petition, via your local MP, via organsations that support small businesses, such as the FSB etc

              There are views that this is 'sounding out' the business environment, perhaps painting a worst case scenario and then come back with something less ardous and easier to adminster. Everyone then gives a sigh of relief and the Government (whichever flavour) can say they 'listened ..and responded'

              It's polictics at the end of the day and you need to play the game :)

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                Not a game I want to play:-)
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                  The problem is that if you don't, they get away with doing what they want to do.

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                  Then one suffers the consequences for the sake of not making your views known by easy channels....

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                    As I said at the start of the thread I've signed it but I truly think they will do as they as they please.
                    • I feel that the government of the day (particularly this one) will do as they please, abated of course by the 'we have done a full review of our processes.....'

                      Petitions and voting are our recourse, but a petition is very unlikely to change central thinking and planning, as their response proves.

                      It could also be argued that 21st century 'e' petitions are easy to mobilise with big numbers and carry less weight than their manual 'doorstep' predecessors.

                      This is not countering the issues that we SME's may have to deal with, along with checking passports of potential employees etc, merely an opinion into what I perceive as current government thinking (if that is not an oxymoron:-)

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                      I agree that e-petitions are easy and not the answer, but there's plenty that can be done between elections. You can write (or email) your MP or visit his local surgery. A small business forum could arrange to lobby MPs actually in Parliament. That's why we're lucky to live in a democracy.

                      A surge of backbenchers holding the government to account does have an effect and if MPs receive thousands of letters expressing worry about the new tax arrangements, questions will be asked.  It's easier, of course, for people not to do anything, but on the whole in this country government only gets to do as it pleases if it's allowed to do so.  We're not a dictatorship yet.

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                      I've attended several events over the years either via our local Chamber or meetings our local MP (Jermey Hunt) holds.

                      It's given rise to many interesting group conversations and 1-to-1's over the years with him and it is an interesting opportunity to get your point across and try to ask probing questions.

                      I've also been fortunate to have been to HoC for several SME meetings including one with Phil regarding VAT a while ago.

                      My take is simple. If you're into runing a business you've a 'duty' to be involved, understand and fight your corner if needed ... otherwise why bother with it?

                      Maybe it's just me :)

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                      I can see your view there Gary. However I prefer to focus my energy on things I have half a chance at succeeding at. I'm not diplomatic enough to play the game I'm afraid.
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