Pesticide for brambles

Hi there. Customer has had an area scraped and covered in topsoil ahead of seeding a new lawn. Some of the brambles are coming back through already and there is the usual germination of weed seeds. I'm guessing the regular mowing will help deal with the brambles once the lawn is seeded?

Two questions;

What pesticide at what rate would you recommend for the brambles and emerging weeds?

How long after application before I can seed?

Thanks muchly

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  • Herbicides with triclopyr will do it................. I use "Blaster pro" though Garlon is similar.  Comes in ! litre bottles, 50ml in 10 litres and spray so the leaves are well wetted. About £50 for a litre.  Great for knocking out ground elder too.  If you've only a small area to treat, SBK brushwood killer contains triclopyr and is available from places like Wilkinsons for about £7 though  never tried using this one though.

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      I know it seems weird and different to when I first trained years ago, but apparently all herbicides are now referred to as pesticides. Copying the US agan I guess

      Are herbicides (weed killers) considered pesticides? — Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs (VTPP)
      Weed killers are the same as herbicides. Does that mean they are pesticides?
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    Icade works very well. I've tended to get from my local Rigby Taylor office, though other places sell also. Does say to only use on established areas though, so maybe a case of brushing on the brambles rather than blanket spraying. Not sure which of the active ingredients gives rise to this requirement - does contain triclopyr.
  • second Icade. will need a ticket. and have to be shown how to use it and how it works. can not take any sprayed material and put on a compost heap. has to be incinerated. waiting to see tRigby Taylor so i can get some.

  • I'd definitely recommend sticking with the "Blaster" though rather than going with Icade ...................... it's a much stronger formulation of the active ingredients, it's cheaper, you only need a third the concentration, I can find no recommendation on the label to avoid composting ( this might be due to the ingredient that can cause problems breaking down in the soil in a quarter of the time) It also works brilliantly...... never had any regrowth.

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    Blaster looks goods also in terms of ingredients, but has the same established grassland criteria, so same suggestion re brushing the brambles. As its a new area I would avoid any blanket selective herbicide for at least 2-3 months if possible to give the new grass a chance.

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      thanks but what about treating the area before seeding rather than after. Any idea of period that I have to wait post seeding? Any experience of specific products not necessarily following the guidance exactly 

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    Grazon Pro (same as Blaster Pro) has twice the Triclopyr of Icade (Icade same as Garlon Ultra). Hand-held spray application only

    Normally have to wait a decent period  (6 weeks for clover & susceptible species)  after spraying before seeding unless turning the soil and clearing dead vegetation.  * Respraying after seeding cannot happen for 12 months*

    If the brambles are tall and getting old then cut right down and wait for regrowth of 2-3 sets of leaves before spraying to ensure best results...

  • well i am not going the USA  route herbicide is for plants. pesticide is for as name suggests pests. so can we stay UK and call chemicals for weeds herbicide please

    • Pesticides are any chemical that controls pests. Weeds, fungus and insects are all pests. Herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are all Pesticides.
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