Hi Guys

I am currently looking at getting some new power tools for my garden maintenance setup, can anyone recommend anyone online that are reasonably priced and have used before?

Thanks in advance.


Sandhurst Garden Services

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    For me it is more interesting, my local main dealership is also online dealership.

    Due to the Stihl policy on selling sharp things if you order from the online dealership website you have to collect your order, presumably from the local showroom!

    Two connected businesses with two websites and different pricing.

    Garden Machinery Direct - Garden Machinery
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    I did a reply a short time ago, but included two website links, so it was marked as spam and needs approval by the moderator.

    My local main dealership has a online dealership as well. Due to the Stihl policy on selling sharp things such items ordered online have to be collected.

    So they have a traditional dealership with its website and a online company with another, selling the same things.

    To be honest when I go into the showroom they generally give me discounts, so although the price may still be higher than the online company I get the showroom service, which I prefer.

    I would not have any qualms about ordering from their online company, but for the moment I will stick to going into the showroom having checked online to see what the lower price is.

    I like showrooms where you can browse by touching and feeling the product rather than looking at pictures on a IPad or the like.

  • My 2 pence worth... Unless adamant that you want to go through internet dealings, I’d also recommend establishing a relationship with a good (important!), local machinery shop. Prices may initially seem higher than web deals, but after a bit of trade chat and a few visits, you may be pleasantly surprised at the discounts! There’s also no waiting around for your purchases, if anything goes wrong the returns procedure is a lot easier, and when it comes to servicing, your shop-bought tools are often prioritised over others.
    They’re probably a bit far from you, but Toad Hall nr. Henley always sort me out.
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      I agree with you as long as you get the “good” bit from the dealer:) I don’t along with loads of others.
      It annoys me as I end up running kit for 2 seasons at most now so that it’s very unlikely to break down as long as it’s looked after. So the local dealers would actually cost me less IF they were quick at fixing stuff as I probably wouldn’t replace so often. But they are all slow at fixing stuff yet high on purchase price here.
      Big agri dealers or just as bad maybe even worse are the shiny showrooms aimed at homeowners
      • I must admit, it took a few visits and lots of friendly chit-chat to get the ‘minus’ button on the till working! I have visited other machinery stores with poor service, so I can understand if someone wants/needs to buy online for that reason.
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          The stihl dealer I use “because you have to use one!” Is ok and I get 15% off shop floor price as standard (maybe a bit more on certain things), which is normally still loads more than online, but that isn’t my main gripe with them it’s the waiting times to get stuff fixed.the last time I asked them it was going to be 3 weeks to sharpen some hedge cutters?ive found someone who knows his stuff now who’s not a dealer but a fitter for a firm.Parts are fine next day or 2 days so I just fix myself or get this chap I know to do it now if I do get issues.
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            What i do is try and make provision and keep a spare machine just to get me through the waiting time , It's a pain when every part is on back order but its to be expected once the salesman puts a job ticket on  your machine be prepared for a wait , time depending upon part availability and efficiency of staff but what annoys me is when you wait for it repairing and its still not right and the dealer gets defensive . 

            There is a big difference in my opinion to when a dealer starts up a so called repaired machine and rev's it up outside and say's ''see it's fixed '' because it fires up doesn't mean its fixed , to me dealers like this have no understanding and i despair when i take it back and they just fire it up again and rev it up loud 

            Miles away from the point here sorry but even buying machinery online will require after sales service  at some point and then if you have a problem you will be referred to an approved dealer in your area maybe there is some leverage in this if you are referred by the supplier or the manufacturer so maybe buying on line is a prudent choice .

            • As a small side line, I service several of my customers' lawn mowers and perform very rudimentary repairs such as replacing the throttle cable or replacing a diaphragm in a B&S Carb. I then quickly mow my lawn with their mower to ensure that it is all runnng as it should.

              The culture of buying stuff on line is endemic due to ease of the internet and saving time and money. This is happening in every line of business and we can see that in the High Street where businesses are struggling. Since I have been self employed, I have tried to support local businesses if they are good. However, where possible I buy from dealers in person though I did buy my Honda Izzy on line from Radmore & Tucker. If anything goes wrong with it, I can pop into them as I am about 30 minutes away from them.
  • Just wondering why going 'online' is your first port of call and not a dedicated local dealer?

  • this site is super cheap, I've only used it for parts but so far so good
    Stihl MS261 C-M 50.2cc Petrol Chain Saw | Tools Today
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