Hi Guys

I am currently looking at getting some new power tools for my garden maintenance setup, can anyone recommend anyone online that are reasonably priced and have used before?

Thanks in advance.


Sandhurst Garden Services

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    use your local supplier - they will pdi / commission the tools, plus give back up if anything goes wrong. In my experience, (a) if things goe wrong, you're in a nightmare position with the online companies, and (b) you're not saving a huge amount.

    Go on, support you local suppliers. If you're in Sanhurst Berkshire, then the people at Winchester Garden Machinery on the A30 near Windlesham will give good service and very good pricing.

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      It’s a shame that’s not what he asked!
      • But it is very good advice. If someone asked the best way to jump off a cliff we would all advise them not to do it, although that would be not what they asked for. 

        A good relationship with a local dealer is crucial. The one I use gives much larger discounts than any online dealer, I have checked this many times. They will even drop parts off at my home at no extra cost. The discounts on new machinery is normally the pre-vat price inclusive of vat, or better. A good many parts are kept in stock and so can be collected on the same day as the breakdown and so back to work on that day. They once lent me a strimmer at no cost to help me out when mine seized up. You won't get that online.

        As already stated, any warranty issues are that much easier when 1. you know the dealer personally and have a good and friendly relationship, 2. you don't have to use a courier to send things back as you just take it back yourself, avoiding down time and saving much time and effort, 3. you actually get to talk to someone who knows you, understands any issues and cares about your custom, rather than talking to some in a sales call centre who has probably never seen a strimmer.

        Most Stihl machinery can't be mail ordered anyway, for very good reasons.

        If you want to buy two stroke oil from ebay then fine, but for most other things go to the local dealer.

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          Sorry disagree with most of that unless the dealer are good, which around here they aren’t!
          Besides th op didn’t ask to be pushed to his local dealer he asked for online stores.
          So all it does it make him think that he won’t bother coming back to the website and commenting which he hasn’t unless I’m missing his replies
          • So are we more concerned with giving good advice, in my case based on thirty years experience, or are we more concerned with making sure people visit the website? 

            How can you say you disagree with having a local, cheaper, quicker and more convenient service? I did not advocate dealing with a 'bad' local dealer did I ? So, as you imply 'Sorry disagree with most of that unless the dealer are good', you do agree if the dealer is good then. As I was talking about a very good local service, I am sure we can agree then.

            My dealer is really excellent. If your area does not have a good dealer then fair enough, but the original poster may have a good dealer in their area and if they offer a better service and better prices, it would be very silly not to explore that option. Why would you want to pay more than you have to?

            • PRO
              I would have though we would first answer the question then maybe pointbin another direction!
              As for jumping of cliffs what a stupid analogy,
              I probably should have not replied to you so quickly.
              That said I still believe that giving the “don’t buy online go to a dealer” is not the best way to go about it
              • I thought on this forum that we could all give our reasonable advice and opinions and then let the individual 'questioner' pick the advice they think is best. There will be many different views expressed and that is how it should be.

                You Richard should not be telling any of us that our particular view is wrong and in the process misquoting us or putting words in our mouths.I did not write 'don’t buy online go to a dealer'. 

                You should not have written 'It’s a shame that’s not what he asked!' in response to Andrew Watts very good advice. This forum should not be one mans dictatorship. There is too much of this on forums. It would have been much better if you did not agree with us to just have stated the argument in favour of buying online, rather than having a go at us. Please try harder to be more neutral in future.

                • PRO
                  I didn’t have a go at you (at least not in the first instance)
                  I was trying to answer his question instead of sanctimoniously telling someone to go to a local dealer. Which did not answer the question.
                  What’s wrong with just answering the question instead of effectively telling him he is wrong
                  There are a few on here that seem to think that their answer is correct even to the wrong question (as in this case)
                  I’m wrong loads of times:)
                  Andrews post could have named one or 2 online stores that he will no doubt know of but then pushed the op in the local dealers direction.
                  You are telling me my view is wrong yet telling me I can’t tell you yours is. (re dealers in which I can only say what’s happened to me which is rubbish service and high prices. I think those that are lucky enough to have good local dealers cannot see that in lots of places this simply isn’t the case)
                  If you have good dealers use them if you don’t don’t.
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                  Besides if people don’t say things like “that’s not what he asked”
                  It will turn into your “ one mans dictatorship” as no one with differing views will bother posting anymore.
                  • You won't have it will you. You said our opinions were wrong and argued with us. I did not say your opinion on which way to buy gear was wrong. I argued that you were wrong to tell us we were wrong. That is a very different thing to saying your opinion was wrong. You also were dismissive.

                    Are you the moderator on here Richard? I have assumed you are, but perhaps you are not, I don't know. If you indeed are, I would expect better from you.

                    I would be more than happy to discuss this further with you face to face.

This reply was deleted.

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