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Not a big deal as only small amount ....  but curious if there are any strategies to extract the last due payment from a customer. Fortunately its a small amount (£30) but unfortunately its a clients second home and they are rarely in residence and all correspondence is via text. (nb : im not losing any sleep and resigned to writing it off but thought would ask)

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  • I Always get a couple a year.   I think they do it to everyone and anyone. If they pay and want more work done ask for something upfront. Or No work, everybody else pays.

    I now stop at four visits, pop an invoice through the door and hope. I avoid this by putting customers who are often not in on a monthly account, this amounts to around 20 each month but it is the only way to get what is owed. Lots now pay direct in to my account, which is great.

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    has the customer not responded to your request for payment?

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      Only that her brother in law is now taking over payments. I responded by text and left a voucemail requesting his contact details. That was last Tuesday but heard nothing since. Started being a slower payer in last month so had my concerns.  More irritating than anything else

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        Personally if the agreement has been made with a select person then that is the person I will chase up, it's not my responsibility to be chasing up a brother in law, that being said I would not be texting, I would be phoning and asking that the bill be settled, the amount owed is not the point, i wouldn't write off the payment, out of principle I'd continue to chase it up... good luck
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          Yes. It's the principle. could use the garden to store your green waste temporarily.....
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          Totally agree. I will be phoning again after a week. Might even write a letter and send snail mail ... Just for the heck of it.
          • do not forget to make it to sighn for as they will have to go to the sorting office if they at not home 

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              Will do ;)
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    I have an ever interesting number paying via bank transfer at the end of the month on invoice, which they get 7 days. This isn't always adhered to. In my t's and c's I can then add a late payment fee, but do you risk it if they're normally a good payer and its a good job - unlikely. 

    Would like to insist on standing order but its rarely the same figure per month with some switching from fortnightly to weekly mowing April - Sept, lawn treatments, hedge cutting. 

    Cash is king, its done, its in your pocket. You have great cashflow. Online payments are bugging me this year with an expanding business and more people to watch, and more that grind me a little...

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    I have a couple right now who are owing small amounts but the principle is annoying! One has responded and sorting payment after a couple of chasers. The other is ignoring me so they will not get any further visits and I will be chasing further for payment. If done politely I see no issues in doing regular chasers. Gut feel is the late payers who make no effort to contact or explain are never going to change. Bin them as a customer sooner than later as what's the point of doing work for them when the won't pay. 

    Paul - do you have Terms and Conditions setting out payment terms? If not get some in place or at least state on an invoice the payment terms. It's up to you what you define. I have an additional payment clause that states the customer is responsible for payments (thus the originating customer not the brother in law in your case). At the end of the day for small amounts it's not worth spending too much effort chasing up, but if you are getting several late/non-payers thats an issue and needs pursuing. 

    Of course, it's important to take the emotion out of it and as a business transaction, if you provided the service correctly you are entitled for payment. It's your income they are messing with. Some will try it on so don't let them :).

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