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I don't have many luxuries in life but am soon hoping to be in the market for a new vehicle, I'm thinking a Renault Trafic or equivalent or something slightly bigger like a Peugeot Boxer. I want a van to carry a large mower, strimmer, blower, hedge cutter plus a load of other paraphernalia. I do however suffer with delusions of grandeur of myself owning a Nisssan Nivara or something equally as big and unsuitable. Does anyone own one of these or can anyone shed some light on the as yet unknown usefulness of these vehicles as all I need is the tiniest of excuses and I'll be straight down the Nissan dealers.

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    If going new, I'd finance lease, which we do over 4-5 years. If used, I'd go 2yrs old, and get the remainder of the manufacturers warranty.

    An uncommon option is a Hyundai iLoad. I had one as my first van, nice spec, air con, good to drive, mpv like, rear doors each side, but only a 2.3m load length, so become too small for me. If the size was right for you, could be a good used 2yr old option as has a long warranty.

    If you could get a loan for £12k, thats £6k on a van and £6k on a pick-up...enough money to get decent maths

    • Can you convince my wife please Andrew that I need both these vehicles?
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        I'll speak to her for you, just after I have convinced myself ;-)

  • We use Renault Master with an extra high top. The good thing about this is that the floor is low which cust out a lot of lifting, plus we have a ramp fitted in the back.

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    I have a Peugeot Boxer hi-top mid wheel base I can get 2 mowers plus all my power tools and hand tools in and Henchman tripod ladder in with plenty of room to spare. Can even get my Viking GB 460 chipper/shredder if I take the small mower out and still plenty of room. Its on a 2013 plate I paid £6000 for great van well recommend
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    It is often better to sin (within reason) and ask for forgiveness.

    My wife once said to me, can we just skip the phase where you chip away persuading me you need so and so for a couple of months, and cut to the chase. You don't need it, you just want it, so admit that and then you can go ahead!

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      So, how many times have you got away with that :) ?

      I also find Man Maths is very effective.....

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    Seriously, if you're doing lots of driving around and can split the days into appropriate tasks like quoting and treating in the pick-up, and mowing etc for the van, then why not get both, albeit older versions. I certainly enjoy driving around in the pick-up more than vans, but it's not always the best work option. It's a tough enough business as it is, so giving yourself a little perk...well I see no harm in that.

    Anyway I'm OK, I NEED a pick-up / 4x4 as we live in the flood plain, and every year or so, it's our only way in or out.

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    We swear by Vivaros/Trafics for the teams. They just suit our style of operation. They're nice to drive, pretty nippy and with LWB good capacity. We always go for 2 yr old ex-rental vans as someone else has taken the depreciation and lets face they do get banged about in our trade.

    However, I've grown to love my L200 and like you Andrew, it's got me out of home roads during adverse weather. It also gets used to collect/deliver gravel, mulch etc, During Winter it houses one of the Gritters at the rear so is now getting a bit tatty due to salt corrosion, but still enjoy it as my business vehicle.

    Bad points - older style diesel, and fuel consumption

    Good points - flexibility and level of trim inside.

    Times approaching for it to be replaced soon. So looking at either lease or out right purchase as I tend to look after it.

  • I changed my van in spring and bought a swb vivaro due to needing more room. Racked out the sides at the rear which holds blower, hedge trimmers, chainsaw and fuel etc with plenty of room left for strimmer, two mowers and waste. I chose the low roof and with ladders on top it's much easier to take them on and off instead of a hi roof. Has made life much easier and haven't had any problems with narrow drives and tight spaces. Fuel economy seems good and a nice drive being my only vehicle. Better to be practical than make life harder when out all day.
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