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over teh last few months i have started receiving emails which purport to be enquiries along the lines of "you have been recommended to me to do a garden and ive attached the plans etc etc" when you click on the attachment you get taken to a screen where you have to type in your google security details. obviously a scam phishing trip, but the way its done looks very professional and would be easy to fall for it as it looks like you are logging in to a cloud type site to access their plans. they come from a feasible address often using one from professional companies in London. had quite a few now, at first i wasn't sure, but you do pick the odd spelling or punctuation error up on them if you look carefully and they are non specific when you re-read them. latest one was this evening asking me to quote on an extension, which obviously rang the alarm bells as i dont do them. anyone else had similar?

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    I've had similiar emails, but I can usually see from the actual email address it was sent from that it's not quite right. Not had them from feasible email addresses yet though.

    What is frustrating is that it could be legitimate, but done in such a way that makes the user feel cautious about proceeding. For a company that is sending out leads/bookings like this, you should always register through their website directly (with https:) rather than follow the links on their email if you're suspicious about it.

    If the company is using google forms to collect information, you don't need to log into a google account to respond - so it's obviously phishing.

  • Good Day Mate,

    i would like to get some advice and a quote regarding-

    Landscaping and Landscaping Maintenance

    Removing some soil to create space for decking.

    Removal of old decking.

    Ponds and Waterfalls.

    After several series of search on the Internet I found your company competent and reliable enough going by what i got from your website.

    Please let me know if i could send my requirements over and the plans of what i intend doing on my property. 

    I hope to get a quick response from your company so that we can start the whole process as soon as possible. Regards.

    Kind Regards,


    does that look genuine??????????

    • PRO
      Looks absolutely pukka to me - :0)

      Surprised there’s no reference to your long lost relative somewhere overseas ....
      • yeeeesssss!

        get one like that or similar probably every other week, some better some worse

  • PRO Supplier

    I think this part makes the email seem very ungenuine;

    "After several series of search on the Internet I found your company competent and reliable enough going by what i got from your website."

    Also the use of a lower case 'i' doesn't make the email seem well written.

  • Always check the url and don't click anything you're not expecting.
    • yes well aware of that, but this latest ones come from single email addresses, that when you do an internet search on them appear to come from swanky london companys, making you think its possibly a big money client. Its ok to say dont click anything but they look and seem like a normal work related enquirey and there is no weblink etc. Ive not been caught but im sure some have.

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