New fence panels leaking

I recently had a new fence erected (2 months ago). I have noticed the preservative in the panels is leaking out and staining the concrete gravel boards. The panels are also becoming much lighter in colour as the preservative runs out. Is this normal or are the panels faulty and should i get them replaced?

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    Hi William

    What sort of panels are they? Some pics would be useful if you can upload them.

    I havent ever had an issue with any softwood leaching preservative before, but if they are made from oak then you will get the Tannin leaching which shows as a dark brown stain.

    Hope that is of some help


    • Hi John, just normal feather edge slotted panels (supposed to be tanalised). I'l upload a pic tomorrow but it sounds to me like they are faulty because they are certainly not Oak.

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    I'm not sure about the preservative leaking, in general panels are just sprayed, drip dried and shipped out, normally dry.  However the panels will lose any 'colour' as the sun bleaches them and they will become a silver grey colour...

    unless they are painted with a quality paint such as Garden Shades or similar

    worth noting that some manufacturers use quite young wood, and unseasoned.... timber stocks rapidly disappear in the winter and that forces some suppliers to use less than the best

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    sounds like they were dipped just before you bought them, and they haven't absorbed the treatment or dried out yet. 

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