National Insurance Contributions........

What do you guys think about the Budget's announcement yesterday about the 1% rise in Class 4 NI for the Self Employed? This will take effect from April this year and another 1% from next April '18. I can see both sides of the argument and with the increase in Council Tax, Business rates, increase in inflation, increase in machinery etc, all these 'little' increases will make our lives a little harder.

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                See, we're just two peas from the same pod :D
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                Not sure where this idea about being "worried" keeps popping up from.I'm neither worried,or sad or unhappy.I like knowledge and I like to know how things work and see that as beneficial.

                People like to throw around phrases like "things you can't change" and yet how do we know they can't be changed if we don't understand them in their entirety and fuller context?

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                  Then fine - your views are your views and are valid for you.

                  I've said repeatedly, pick your battles - but this does not exclude change and understanding...
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                  A lot of these things that I say "can't be changed" can't be changed by me because I have far more interesting things to do with my time. Overall things are good in this country. I've lived in other countries that are fine for overseas people but a complete hole if you are a native by that I mean standard of living and or over zealous police.
                  I just don't have the inclination to think about it that much.

                  In the same breath you could say that even if you could change things it would be better than now? An ideal world is unrealistic imo
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        Well I did get a bit twitchy after posting that,especially when the door bell rang....luckily it was only the post man : )

        Seriously though,we cannot know too much. Knowledge means self empowerment,especially when coupled with correct action.

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          You are totally correct Stephen in your views , I share your views but I also share Gary's view's and i have learned that displaced energy trying to put the world to rights can be self destructive and counter productive but i also recognise that we owe so many people for our freedom who put their necks on the line and implemented change .

          In our own little way hopefully we are making a contribution to making this planet a better place , not the same as burying our heads in the sand but making an informed decision to direct our energies into creating a positive lifestyle and adding something good enabling us to be in a stronger position collectively and not under the thumb . 

          This post has got a bit heavy , Far removed from its title national insurance contributions , Just goes to show how passionate we all can be regarding our views .

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    Gary RK said "Our comments are irrelevant ? If not, to whom is that comment directed ?" in response to my earlier comment.<br/>
    I was referring to comments in the press and elsewhere about self employed people not getting employee benefits such as holiday pay, which is not a state benefit therefore irrelevant. <br/>
    Sorry I didn't make myself clear.<br/>
    The government has put the cart before the horse by saying they will do the review after announcing the changes, it appears to be a a decision made without research.<br/>
    Andy B
  • Thanks for everyone contributing to this thread. I am glad it sparked a debate with some interesting points raised.
  • From January this year I have to pay 11% it has just gone up by .5%. Employed people pay 6.6% and the eployer pays 6.6% this has also just gone up but not sure how much. We find it is always a fight to get anything back if you are ill but they do say you are in tilted to it. 

    I always feel that there is not enough support for people that are self employed and trying to make living. 


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      What support other than less taxation would you want?
      Being self employed is not easy but does have more rewarding aspects that money can't buy in my opinion.
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