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    Hi mate. I've bought the weibang pro this year and it great!
    Pros. Timesaver and helps feed lawns and you definitely see an improvement in them.
    Cons 2 or more passes if long (more than say 4 inches) no stripes.
    You can get as good a finish as with a 4 wheel collector as long as you don't cut too short.
    Look up my weibang mulcher thread for some pics of the finish
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      Cheers mate I will do, I've god a hater roller mower for stripes an I'm thinking about increasing the number of lawns next year so thought a mulch mower maybe useful for getting through a few in a day.
  • I have a husqvarna one great machine once the flush of growth is over. They do feed the grass but if you use it every time the grass can get very lush which makes it hard to mulch and get a good finish. It is very fast I and I can save a day every week using one.(great if you are behind because of the weather etc).
    So great tool if used at the right times and well worth it to save time just not every cut
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      That was gonna be my next question , what effect it had on the lawns
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      Hello Graeme, 

      What model of Husqy are you using? I have been looking into them, due to how fast they are.

      Thank you, Craig.

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        i think from a grass growing point of view mulching is best done after the spring rush of growth -- i know some that would only mulch after june --  so mid june / july through to autumn 

        too much mulching i believe increases thatch issues if you already have thatch issues -- and if you are on a non frequent routine you may put weed seeds back into the soil rather than picking up and taking away 

        if in spring its fast growth and damp -- it will take longer to cut to a good finish , therefore not a time saver 

        therefore theres some sense i think in pick up early in the year -- then switching to mulch upto leaf fall and then back to pick up -- mulching does protect the grass and soil against hot weather which i think is getting pretty relevant 

      • Lb533s is the one I have. Have had it for about four years and apart from wheel bearings replaced once it has been excellent
  • mulching is ok as long as it cut weekly I find any longer and it leaves a mess also not to good in wet conditions

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    mulching good as part of a fleet and regular mowing. Best results if weekly mowing - we tend to alternate 1 mulch, 1 pick-up for some customers.

    Another vote for the Husqy 53 model - great performer. Had for a couple of seasons, very fast and nice finish.

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