Mowing Prices in Northern Ireland

Hi everyoneI know there have been a lot of threads on here already about pricing but I can't seem to find anything specific to Northern Ireland? I'm just starting out at the minute and have invested quite a lot of money (for me anyway) in this and want to make sure I've got everything right.After doing all my sums I'm thinking of charging a minimum of £20 per hour/job or 100m sq for mowing. Is this realistic in Northern Ireland? I don't want to be undercutting anyone already here but I'm also aware of at least 2 guys charging £5/10 a lawn (one actually has the mower in the back seat of his golf!).Also, and I know this should be a separate subject but are classified ads in Local papers any good for getting new business nowadays?Any help would be greatly appreciated!ThanksPaul

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          • I don't know where you are or what you charge, but lawn mowing down this part of the country is mainly done buy the self employed (or unemployed) and charge peanuts for doing it. They may make a living, but the certainly don't make a profit.

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              I am only a few miles away from you servicing the same area. We are neither of what you mention and certainly do not charge peanuts and we do make a profit.

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              That's a gross generalisation, based on very subjective views.

              If objective, what is it based upon ?

              Also, somewhat dismissive of a large number of members....

        • I don't consider that we charge a high price, we just charge a price that makes us a profit and use the same formula that most other industries use. It's when you add VAT that makes the price go high.

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            Unless you are working alone @£28 a cut you are going to be in the VAT bracket I would of thought. That's if you fill your days of course.
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              I think he said in another thread the 28 included VAT. Never really know it changes thread to thread...

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    Hi Paul, where in Northern Ireland are you based? I work in Bangor,Ards and Belfast I have 16 grass cutting jobs most of them are £20 and don't take me that long to do. I'm going into my forth year of business and grass cutting isn't a big part of it. This year I've gained two and lost two grass cuts. Most of them came from me doing other work for them like hedge cutting etc.

    I advertise in the local free paper it's £60 a issue for a business card size ad in colour, i get enough work from it to justify paying the £60. Website generates a bit of work for me as well.
    • Hi down in fermanagh i charge £20per hr however i hav a degree in hort so people pay more for my expertise.<br />
      I found word off mouth is great advertisement. Do good work and more will come. Also facebook. Or signwriting on car/van gets me alot off work.
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        Thanks David, was going to do something on Facebook but think I'll wait till I have a few more pictures! Also looking into doing an RHS diploma, can't do any harm to keep learning
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      I'm in Armagh Niall, just took out a small ad in a local papers business guide for a 12 week run but it was only £60 in total so thinking it might not be enough now! I'll know if £20 is too much as soon as I give the 1st price - Armagh people aren't backwards about coming forwards lol! Thanks for replying
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