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Hi all.First post but long time lurker.I work for our local council as a gardener in a park but next year im starting up on my own.I have a van and equipment, hedge trimmer etc (all used stihl stuff) but im struggling on mowers.I have about £800 for lawnmowers, not much i know but i dont mind used stuff.Would you buy 2 used mowers or 2 new honda izy's (diff sizes).Im used to pro honda and etesia but wouldnt want anything that big n heavy for domestic.Izy altho not pro are apparently brilliant so i was swaying towards them. However i can get a used etesia pro46 self propelled mower in nice shape for £350, but its a 2010 model. At the council our mowers are replaced every few years so im not sure just how long a etesia lasts? Seems in nice shape but have no history on it but guessing ex authority.Also would you recomend getting a basic push mower for tiny awkward lawns? Ive only ever used self propelled but my lawns are huge. Domestics wont be.Ive Been offered a non propelled etesia pro 46 for £100, 2012 model. Cheap as chips, worth a buy?There's so much choice my heads spinning.


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    Seem like decent choices to start with:)
    You will probably want a Honda pro size machine at some point though.
    If you don’t buy that etesia point me in that direction please!:)
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    Hi Del

    I have always be a great fan of the Izy, 18inch driven will do all domestics apart from the very large ones when I would get a 21 inch model.

    We recently got hold of a Viking 18inch driven and my lads fight over who gets that one each day!!

    Go for the Izy first, without the versamow.


  • if the etesia has a Kawasaki engine and has been regular serviced its worth getting see if you can haggle the price down a bit

    you definitely want a self propelled mower as it is no fun pushing one about all day 

  • Cheers guys.
    @ Richard.
    I do love the pro honda, and with acres of lawn its right at home. In a domestic garden i think i would struggle with tight spots but if the work was there i would 100% consider treating myself.
    Im tempted by the etesia (the self propelled one) i just wish it was a bit cheaper. Although its just been dealer serviced and a new blade was fitted so it is good to go.

    Ive never used the izy but a few of the guys at work have and really praise them.
    A couple of years ago we had some Viking at one of the parks. They all broke down constantly and didnt make the season. Cost the council a fortune in mowers that year.
    Admittedly the guys can be heavy handed but its kind a put me off.
    Its the honda engine. Appears cared for and its just had a dealer service with new blade and filters fitted. I have no idea on its past tho which is putting me off and the fact its 8 yrs old.
    I would definately go self propelled but wasnt sure if it was worth also adding a push mower to my set up for those small awkward lawns. Tbh it was the price that attracted me to the push etesia as £100 is cheap. But no point if its not going to be needed.

    Im tempted to get the 18" self propelled etesia pro46. Then get a 16" self propelled izy.
    That way i can cut in the wet and use the izy in smaller gardens.

    Then its a roller i or dont i.
    Stripes look nice but will people want them.
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      I have the same problem but with a bigger budget of around £3,500. This year was my first year and i have a honda pro 21in cut, but i find with the roller it can flatten mud down and it doesn't make for a good finish in the wet. My plan is to buy two Etesia but which two to cover all the lawns i do from small lawns to around a1000sqm.

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    I started with izy mowers and still have 2.
    What I use now is this
    Lawnflite pro rollers
    Push pro 46 etesia or 16 izy again push for small/tiny gardens
    The bigger izy goes out in place of the rollers in really wet weather on the bigger stuff
    A weibang mulcher
    Then the ride ons.
    Lots of different views on rollers but for me I like to stripe everything I can when I can! I have to go out Wednesday or Thursday next week and cut 4 lawns as they want the stripes back for Christmas just hoping it doesn’t chew them up at least in sight of the windows!
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    I had a similar budget recently and bought the 21" izy which seems like a really good mower for my bigger lawns.. even has a mulching option which it does quite well.
    It's a quick mower, big bag and cuts well.
    I also run have an self propelled Etesia which I bought for £140.. it's a bit battered and slow but is still good for wetter days.

    How big are the lawns you are doing?
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      Most around 100sqm-200sqm but 3-4 around 700sqm and i would like to increase the number of lawns i do.

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    Hi Del. I carry 2 mowers all the time. A roller and a 4 wheeler with mulching. When i first went on my own I bought a new Honda roller mower. The smallest one, a domestic model. Puts a nice stripe down and very reliable. It's quite slow though. For the same money you'd probably get a second hand Honda pro, lawnflite or similar but you know all about those. I use a weibang pro roller now, great machine but a bit on the heavy side.
    My other mower on the van is a 21 inch Izy. Can't fault it but if you can get a cheap etesia it'll be better in the wet and leave plenty in the budget for the roller. Once customers see stripes, it's all they'll want afterwards

    Good luck with it and tell us how you get on.
    • Thanks Tony will do.
      I have a few one off jobs lined up, a patio, a deck...stuff like that which tbh wasnt the way i wanted to go but didnt want to turn down work.

      I want the etesia, but worried about how old it is. I know honda last, not sure about etesia?

      I do love a stripped lawn. Would 3 mowers be overkill for a one man business. 18" Etesia (wet) 16" izy (small awkward Lawns) and a roller mower for stripes.
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