Mower blades not engaging

I won a Ransomes zero turn mower and one of my guys was in the middle of cutting a large lawn and the blades just failed working. He tried to re engage them but absolutely nothing working. The mower itself runs fine.

We have checked for any loose wires, any known fuses and even checked the switch to no avail. It is an electric clutch could this be knackered or is there anything else I shoulkd be checking?

Any advice will be welcome. Thanks

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    Have you checked the seat switch is working? As in the safety switch. My ransomes has 2 under the seat. Not the same model though.
    Safety switches and fuses are the most likely culprits I would think. Maybe a solenoid on the clutch could have gone as well I suppose.
    • The safety switch has been disingaged since we have had it so maby the clutch?!

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    It's fairly easy to check. Remove the clutch wires and either use a voltage meter, multi meter or just a 12 v bulb to feed off the wires. If you get voltage then it is almost certainly the clutch. They rarely just pack up though and normally start being difficult to engage when hot first over a period of time. Some older clutches could be adjusted for wear. Typically the have three nuts on a plate around the main pulley and you can turn them each in about a turn to compensate for wear.
    • Hi derek. So what you are saying if i get voltage off the clutch with the voltage meter then the clutch is knackered?

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        Yes if there is voltage there but clutch not engaging it has to be clutch. You will need to pull the wires off the clutch and check. Should be typically 12-14 volts. You can also check the clutch by connecting two wires straight to it off the battery. When connected you will get an audible clunk if it works.
        • Great will try this in the morning! Many thanks very useful!!

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    I've had two similar experiences, first was the clutch where the blades wouldn't turn off then the multiplug underneath the switch had corroded.
  • I have Ferris zero turn and had simular problems. First time it was an earthing problem second time found that the wiring conceding to clutch was not making proper contact. Do the multimeter test as suggested with wires conceded and unconnected.if current is getting there either way it won't be the earthing issue.It will either be the connection point or clutch.problem is testing with it connected will not tell if it's the connection point. So with the blade engager activated move the connection points to establish if there is proper contact but only if current is getting there that way you can eliminate between the two.
    If no current is getting to this point it could be one of the switches like seat hand brake or control levers or even the engaging switch it's self. If not that it may be an earthing problem.
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