Moving Sleepers

Evening you lovely bunch! 

We have been asked to quote for the install of some vegetable patches. They want raised patches, fairly keen on sleepers.

Issue is we need to move 40 either around their house, through garden circa 50m, tightish access. We have rear access across a field circa 100m from work area. Now our supplier won't drive across this field for fear of getting stuck :( 

Any suggestions for a way around this issue. We have thought about a dumper truck as we would need it to bring the soil in anyway. Then someone suggested tele handler i.e. small one (4m) but expensive for a days hire

We will be bringing in a mini digger to level the area for the beds to go onto as the ground drops away a fair bit. 

hopefully someone has a bright idea!

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  • my blokes stick them on their shoulder and carry them

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    Couple choices #1 carry 'em or #2 ropes/straps over the bucket on the digger.
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    Forestry timber tongs will make light work of this.
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      Great shout!! I recently watched a demo of heavy horses being used for forestry work and timber tongs made it look very very easy!!

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    I have laid the choices on the table for the client with regards to her sleeper choice and pricing. 

    She is quite keen on proper oak railway sleepers, which are around 80kgs minimum each. Also quite fancies 3 beds which is 45 sleepers total

  • We used about 20 of the heavy oak sleepers in our garden.

    Narrow access, and the two guys on a day rate carried them and laid them. I've never seen two people work so hard.

    I wouldn't even consider lifting them: 80 kg is probably right as a minimum estimate, I'd say nearer 100kg per sleeper. Me and SWMBO carried one through to the back garden and both suffered shoulder strains. :-(

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      Not bragging but....... Did some veg beds out of oak sleepers - terraced house - had to carry em through - ten of em - on my own - no worries - piece of cake............ By the end my arms and shoulders were killing me, nearly had hernias on hernias, convinced i was having a heart attack and I swore never ever again!! Im a big strong fella but that was graft I have no wish to ever repeat. The moral........get a gopher or two and pay them to suffer!
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        8x4 oak sleepers come in around 40-50kgs. I am able to stick that on my shoulder. I used to squat and deadlift :)
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      They are a fantastic product but they are bloody heavy!! I know a man who surveys the overground in London. He has a supplier who can get them at a very reasonable price :)

      I have just thought about a log trolley or similar!!
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    can be strapped easily enough to a sack cart. Bit heavy for a one man lift, as i found out last year when i dropped one and broke my foot! 

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