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    I would think it will need brushing/spraying off and then treating to help stop it coming back.
    Probably need to get up there to be able to reach it all.
    Post some pictures it will help
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    Is this something you really want to get into Alex?

    Working at height regulations: ;

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      p.s. if you do go ahead, there are plenty of videos on Youtube.

    • This is a good point Phil. We can all get a bit carried away with "how hard can it be?" and take on things that we maybe shouldn't. Knowing when to pass is a valuable skill in work................ and sport! 

      • Not thinking of doing it myself but it's my village and they asked for my advice. Before I find some cowboy I would like to know what algicide works and any advice about time and costs involved. None of the local gardeners who I know have done this scale roof before.
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          Without pictures we can't begin to guess how long it will take as we don't know how bad it is.
          As far as gardeners doing it I'd say it's more of a specialist job for a company that does it or maybe a gutter cleaning company?
          With it being a roof it won't be cheap due to the health and safety involved.
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    Hi Alex,

    Algoclear PRO sprayed onto the roof via a telescopic extension works very well. We sell this product to a number of cleaning companies who use this method for bungalows & domestic two storey properties so they don't need to leave the ground and get involved with scaffolds, Working at Height etc...If it is thickly coated with moss, the more you remove the bulk of the moss the less spray you will need ...but then how to do that safely...?

    Youtube video :HERE


    NB: Please read the label for correct PPE !!!! 

    • Its a pity they don't show the roof after treatment or do a comparison with half the roof treated, half not........ would be far more interesting and impressive.

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    I used to spray the roof of a very large greenhouse but always from the ground with a hose and lance , The algae and moss always returned so we hired the services of a contract cleaning company who made a much better job than i could .

  • the first question i would ask is why? its doing no harm to the roof

This reply was deleted.

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