Hi all,I was given the details of this site by a Twitter friend who has been following my fight against elitism and misrepresentation in the media of the horticultural industry. I would love to get your feedback on this.In a nutshell I believe that the media paints a picture that glorifies BIG names, top end designers and the wealthy white middle class hobbiest. Completely misinforming the public, we are either self promoting designers OR rich retirees. Where in lies the representation of the professional? The support industries that give the big designers their materials? In an industry perceived as a hobby of the rich, it is no wonder professionals are considered hobbiests too, that yrs of training, expensive qualifications and hard graft are not appreciated and why Head Gardeber jobs are paid the same as a full time employee of Tesco. Gardener = outdoor cleaner.... The nursery, landscape and arborist professions are completely sidelined.Can I have your views here pls and what, if anything could be changed, many thanks Cx

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          Is there confusion between licensing and regulation ?
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            Maybe but too much of either is bad.
            Dangerous stuff yes needed.
            CRB checks again needed
            Past that I'm not sure
  • Hi Charlie

    I dont understand where your coming from to be honest.  I agree that the landscape industry is undervalued (and there are some very logical and understandable reasons as to why this is the case) but I cant see any that its caused by media misrepresenation.  We're constantly hearing that the landscape/gardening/horticulture industry doesnt  get enough media coverage.  To suggest that the small amount of coverage we are getting is contributing to low wages.....sorry doesnt stack up for me

    Steve :)

    • A job considered by most to be hobby will not have the same respect as one considered a skilled profession....perception....
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    The grass always grows, the trees always grow, even PCV grass needs replacing every so often. We are the same a s every trade, but we have shorter intervals. How often do you need a plumber? I'm 38, I have needed a plumber twice. My clients need me every fortnight at least.

    • True true. A self employed plumber or heating engineer always looking for new work. We have repeat regular work all year round and a loyal customer base.
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    I can't help think that horticulture as we know it has had it's day. I think as the current generations get older and die off, we will be left with a landscape of grass and shrubs, much like commercial plots. It's green it's tidy, it will do. Back to facebook....

  • In my time working for the National Trust I have personally met many 'Horticultural Celebrities' during the course of my work. Several come to mind. Roy Lancaster, the Plantsman, gave a group of NT gardeners a tour of the garden talking about plants which was inspirational. Anna Parvard, the author of Tulip Mania, was encouraging and fully appreciative of the work gardeners do in the NT. She also championed our cause on committees. I met Alan Titchmarsh once whilst filming at a NT property. He came over to us and chatted about the garden and our respective careers. Whatever people say about Titchmarsh he is a bone fida horticulturalist as he trained at Kew. Stephen Lacey is another presenter I met who had a grasp of gardening and its history. The point I am saying is that some media coverage by the above can be good for the industry. There are other celebrities I have met who aren't worth mentioning as they have little understanding of what skilled gardeners do. I should mention that it was Geoff Hamilton who inspired me to pursue a career in gardening. My first Head Gardener was a timed served gardener who taught me a lot about gardening techniques and skills. He was the archetypal gardener; weather beaten with narled hands but as honest as the day was long. His view was you never know everything in gardening as the subject was so diverse.
    • Agreed, thsnkyou
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    Check out these blog posts about our industry

    careers advisors saying horticulture is for unskilled persons…you have a recipe for disaster

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