• You can't beat an Etesia for being hard-wearing, reliable and cuts and collects great in the wet.
    A Duo cut version is available and on some models you can now get a roller attachment which clips on easily at the back when needed.
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      Yes Steve after many years of harrier 48 s then a couple of viking my 650 both of which required mid season fixes and often big expenditures at the season ends. Time to go for a professional machine and I'm picking up the Etesia pro - PHCT 48 next week
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      The roller has had some bad reviews. Apparently it pops off at the end of each turn due to a design fault.
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    I think it depends on your customer base .... my customer base is mainly retired, living in bungalows with small to average sized lawns. No-one has ever requested stripes, (however i have had compliments on the stripes the rubber strip leaves) and no-one has ever agreed to mulching weekly, preferring fortnightly visits and grass collected. Fortnightly suits me as means i can have more customers.

    For last 5 years ive used 21" mowers only. Ive only ever turned a handful of jobs iaway due to access, so felt this is all ive needed. ..... However this year i added a 16" Izy, and this has been a revelation so far (2 weeks into season) .... Its so much easier to manoeuvre, lightweight, tight access no longer a problem, getting in and out the van is a peace of cake (with ramps) and its simplicity is reassuring ..... my only criticism is the drive is slower than what im used to, but think this may help when picking up, especially wet grass.  .... Ive surprised myself by using the 16" for 80% of jobs so far. Getting the mower in and out 10-15 times a day means i wanth the lightest i can get away (sub 35kg if possible) and most with a roller doesnt fit that criteria

    So for me its .... a 16" and 21" 4 wheel mowers (both Izy's this season) that covers all my requirements ..... If i had to use just one it would be the 21". I personally dont seem to have the need to spend the extra on "Professional" ranges .... preferring to spend less but renew more often. If i was doing larger commercial type stuff then i would expect that to change

    • I so agree. I bought a 16 inch Izy on ebay as a spare. I use it all the time instead of my big Honda. Even on mid sized lawns it's speed & maneuverability make it faster.  The light weight is great for steps etc.  

      It's done lots of work & I would definitely get another 

  • Old people like lines go for a 21inch pro roller mower generally built like tanks and that will cover lawns on housing estates to larger lawns. I would't bother with a mulcher untill you can get a dedicated one as they can get messy and can become ball ache when trying to get on but great when conditions are right.
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