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    If I was to have just 2 I have a 19 inch roller and a 19 inch 4 wheeler that can mulch. 21 inch rollers are great but too long for lots of gardens.
    Depends on what type of gardens you are aiming for.
    Hope that helps a bit
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      I was thinking of the Honda HRX 537 as a light weight mulching 21" mower for larger gardens and some commercial work. And a 19" with a roller for those who want a striped finish. Any ideas on a mid range 19" would be appreciated. I was looking at Einhell but I don't think they do a rear roller model

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    Wouldn't go 19 and 21, too close in size.

    Residential gardens, I'd go 19" roller, lots of small gardens, might even have a 17" roller too. Rollers much easier to mow right up to borders and beds without dropping over and scalping, plus the nice stripes keeps clients happy.

    Mulching means regular cuts - perhaps once a week, are you clients going to want to pay for that? Mine don't, they are happy with a 2 weekly - perhaps do a bit of market research on your potential clients before you go for mulching.

    I have a Honda 536 roller, as Richard says, just too long for many lawns, you'll get frustrated in the corners, or stuck, or both! Great for large open spaces.

    Also have one of the older HRX476's, with roller. Not a bad general machine, picks up damp grass, struggles in the rain, light enough for regular in/ outs of the van. 

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      most of my customers are happy with mulching , I spent many years striping ornamental lawns as an employee and it is very satisfying to see stripes but the smaller lawns i do now just don't justify stripes but if it became a requirement i would probably opt for a hayter , the wider the roller the better but not on small lawns .  My colleague has a Honda izy which stripes and the results are always impressive . 

      Although you will have to cut the lawn more frequently when mulching and fewer cuts are necessary with a roller i found more lawn care was required with the grass short and they really suffered during a drought especially if there was a hosepipe ban and any high spots need levelling first or they will be scalped , may be best to wait and see what the lawns are like you will be dealing with .

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        Thanks John, are you sure your mate has an Izy? from what I can see that model doesn't have a roller?

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          Izy's have a rubber strip along the back, drags along the grass giving a fair stripe.

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            There used to be izys that had a roller a long while back. It could be one of those as they do last a long time especially if used on one garden!
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              Really...are they pre HRD's? 

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                Yes this one I've seen must be 20-25 years old. You've made me wonder now! It's the mower of a neighbour of one of my clients. I'd swear it was an old izy but may be wrong!
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      maybe im showing how dumb I am here - hep me understand whay you would have to cut more frequently if you are mulching please

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