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        Because it needs to be fairly short when you cut it or you just leave a horrible mess!
        • PRO

          OK get it now. Would you say that mulching when the growth is slower and removing when faster is the way around the cutting frequency issue?

          • PRO
            In short probably.
            You can mulch all the time if you do it often enough!
            Getting people to pay for it often enough to work all the time is another thing entirely!
            I always mulch nearly everything come July/ august as it dry and it helps the grass stay green
      • I mulched for a whole season a couple of years ago and gave it up. The grass clippings get broken down and act as compost. When you think you can take two or three bin bags off a lawn every cut and imagine it feeding the grass. On a fortnightly schedule it can become too much and the grass gets very green and lush. <br/>
        I do however much for the first four weeks and then from mid august when the grass is not growing like the clappers.
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      so you'd go for a 21 and 172??

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    Here in the sunny North West I would have an Etesia Duocut which will do wet weather better than anything else and a 21" Viking or possibly the weibang with a roller for that stripe finish.
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    Hi Ian, good to hear from you post meeting. The budget mowers will maybe see you through a season, maybe 18 months. Just make sure its got at least a B&S engine. I started with an old Hayter Harrier 41cm with roller and bought a new gardencare 53cm SP 4 wheel 3 in 1 ( pickup / mulch / side discharge with rubber rear skirt) for just under £400. These saw me through the first season and then once I had an idea of the lawns I was actually doing and what my customers wanted, I then added accordingly. Next was a 21" roller (Honda KAAS), then a dedicated mulcher (Husqy) etc. Still have a gardencare, but not the orginal. Great cheap all-rounder.

    So partially comes does to how much you have to spend, but get the customers first and listen to them, then augment your mowing fleet. So, start small and shall we say value/2nd hand.

    • PRO

      thanks Andy for your guidance. Great to meet you at the event too. Nice to put a face to a name

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    Roller. Have both but the roller gets far more use (even if it weighs a ton. See weibang thread)
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    Hi Ian , It's the izy with a rubber strip , It leaves a decent finish and quite a versatile machine .

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