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What is your preferred type of cutting blade for a strimmer when it comes to maximizing speed and efficiency?

I'm going to be cutting down an overgrown garden comprising of 5ft high weeds and thinly scattered bramble with very little grass. I see that Stihl do an attachment called a brush knife which looks very useful.Does anyone have experience of these?


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  • I usually find that just using a wheeled rotary mower works a lot better...... I've an  old push mower which is great as you can have the revs high whilst pushing  it slowly. I leave the grassbag off, set it to the maximum height and use an elastic "bungee" to hold the flap open going over the area in several directions gradually reducing the height of cut...the only snag is you're legs getting absolutely plastered with debris! Then put the bag on ,lower the height and collect all the chopped up bits. I've got the brush knife but brambles tend to get wrapped round it, grass tends to just get brushed to one side and its much slower.

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    Thanks Graham.I do like that strategy but I think in this instance the weeds are just to high.The mower will push them forward leaving them at the wrong angle for mower blade to be able to cut through them. Also,part of the ground is to rough and uneven with rubble etc to take a mower.

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    I use these

    3mm for small machines and 4mm for more powerful

    Mulches debris up rather than just laying it down
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      Looks very interesting Simon.I usually use a Stihl FS90.Would that be enough for the 4mm do you think?

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        Hi Simon 

        I like the blade you suggest , I note some say its heavy , do you find it puts any stress on your drive shaft ? it looks a beast once in momentum . 

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          The Oregon blades are pretty good. Stihl do a two-edged version, they call it the 'shredder knife' and sell it along with a special guard. This lets you mulch bushes 'top down'. You'll want the special guard when you're starting the mulching level with your face!

          The FS 90 will handle the blade OK, I'd go 3mm- smaller engines will take longer to get it up to speed but once there any machine will only need the throttle tickling to keep it spinning. No point in revving the nuts off it but you hear it all the time.

          Nut the blade up just tight enough to grip in all but extreme conditions. You want it to spin on the mounting if you whack something solid, not snap the driveshaft.

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          I've never had any issues in 3 years of using these, but I do use them on fs460 and fs490 not small brushcutters. Will mulch 2-4" trees depending on species working top to bottom.
          Can't explain why but the three pronged blade works better than the stihl mulching blade
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            Sounds too heavy for my small Efco machine , It might fit my old AMA .

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        I would only use 3mm on a fs90, 4mm would be too heavy
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    I wouldn't want to use a shredder blade with a loop handle brushcutter either.

    For this I'd either use a shredder blade or some very thick line like oregon 7mm and like normal strimmer line it doesnt mind whacking against bricks/bits of metal and whatever else is always hiding in overgrown gardens.

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