Maintenance Customers contracts

Would someone be so generous and send me a copy of their maintenance contract? For private customers. The docs in the BOG are not quite what I am looking for. EnchantedGardeningServices@Gmail.Com

Thank you very much!

I am sick and tired of customers trying to wiggle out of paying me. I need something legal to push for payment. Also which dictates clearly the payment terms.

The times where someone's word and handshake was good enough are a thing of the past it seems.

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    If anyone does have a contract, it'd be great if they uploaded it to the BOG as I am also looking for something along those lines, as I'm sure others in the future will too.

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    I'm afraid to say that the last time I uploaded something into the BOG I felt entirely unappreciated with some of the comments directed back at me - I was only trying to help.

    As such I am reluctant to load anything that relates to anything contractual as there are too many people on here who apparently know the legal ins and outs better than my solicitors and other organisations which provide my HR advice/templates.

    I am happy to give guidance and advice (I'm now in our 15th year of trading) but as for giving away information for free, which I've worked hard to get or paid money for, I am extremely hesitant to do.

    I suggest you start here and here (which provides what the consumer is expecting/entitled to)

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      I recently sent someone here a set of contracts for full time / part time / zero hour contracts and never even got a thank for you them either Nick, so I know how you feel.

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    Thanks Nick, sorry to hear of that though!

  • Hi Daniela,

    Payment terms need to be in your initial contract, and you don't need anything fancy.

    Something like "payment is due within 30 day from date of invoice" is all you need. Once the client has signed a contract and agreed to pay within 30 days, you can easily threaten a small claims court action.

    Personally, I'd be looking at why you are getting problems. Are you going in with full quotes in writing, with simple payment terms included in advance?

    • No, nothing like that. One wanted not to pay and never had intention to. Was supposed to be regular maintenance. The other got flakier and flakier with payments and now in 7th week of waiting on payment, a weekly regular. 

      My payment terms are on my invoice. But obviously I need a signed contract before I start work.

      I never had issues like this before, usually my customers pay within 24 hours. But the last 3 months been weird with new customers. That's why I am asking, because I need to tighten up my processes. Most of my customers are lovely and reliable. Its just the odd two.

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        To be honest, Daniela, after 7 weeks I'd say enough and either demand payment and stop work until it's received or stop working for the client, that's taking the *ahem* a bit!
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          Totally agree! If they've not paid by the time you're next due to visit, then simply cease works until they settle the bill. Or just stop altogether (after getting your money) as it sounds like you can do without them!
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    Can't help you myself but on a more positive note I have been sent useful documents by by lovely kind people here and I'll happily pass on help and advice when I can. I really love how generally positive and nice people are on this forum. Some forums are shocking for rudeness and negativity.
    • Yes that is very true. Because its moderated and kept civil. I think it's the best gardening forum for professionals. I have learned a lot on here.

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