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I´m a gardener in the east of England who does principally maintenance in a addition to a bit of lawn care and garden design. The majority of my maintenance is in small to medium size gardens and I charge per hour. I have been asked by a customer I do some lawn care for if I would be interested in cutting his lawn which is aproximately 2 acres. I have a figure in mind, but am interested to see others thoughts/approach to pricing up larger areas.

If I was to get the job I was thinking of using a large deck torro timemaster and then seeking a few other larger lawns to cut to expand the business and justify the purchase of the machinery.


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  • I should add that this would include strimming of all edges and mulching. I was thinking around 2 pence per sqm but am not completely confident in my pricing on this scale.

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      There was a big thread about this topic a couple of weeks ago if you have a look through. It might point you in the right direction.
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      If you are only mulching then 2p per m2 is probably far too much unless it's in the middle if nowhere!
      Someone could come it at £50 or less with a big machine and be gone in less than an hour
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    I seem to remember some bad feedback on the timemaster on here, unless bone dry. On paper looks good. As graham says. Have a good search.

    Re pricing. Big range depending on machinery used and finish needed. £160 sounds OK to me with a machine such as timemaster or a small ride-on. Larger professional machines / farming contractors would make mincemeat of 2 acres and charge a lot less.

    Whats important is for you to make money on it with the machinery you have access to and price at that.

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    I have a 2 weekly cut and collect - just over 2 acre site, one 50m side to strim. 1m deck ride on, bit of a pain going around 50 young trees in the orchard slows things down a bit. Takes about 2/12 hours all in.

    Your pricing is a bit over the going rate in my area (North Lincolnshire).

  • Just because another business is capable of doing the job cheaper doesn't mean that they will. Every one of my customers COULD get the job done cheaper. But they don't. That's not the point.

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      No the point is what the client is happy to pay and what you are going to make money from. If the 2 match up great if not move on to the next one
  • Thanks for the input guys, a good help. Good to know I´m not a million miles away.

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