lightweight mower

what do you suggest for a occasional use lightweight mower  preferably with a roller  that I can carry up steps (quite a few) also when the soil is that wet I cannot  get the grass cut as they are leaving wheel ins ore paddling it up when you turn

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  • There's no roller mower that's light enough to carry up or down steps!

    I recently bought a £200 Mountfield push mower for a site like that, where I have to carry it down two flights of stairs to a small lawn, but it's a £75 per month annual contract over three years so worth the investment. If the site is too wet, and inaccessible for your equipment, then let someone else take it on, or work under a contract that explains that the area is going to be suffering damage from the existing conditions?

  • The second scenario above is when you get the brushcutter out and cut the grass with that.
    As above, i don't know a roller mower you'll safely carry. A light mulch mower might be best
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    Cobra 16" 28.5 kg, about the same as a 16" Izy, probably the lightest.

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      I second the Little Cobra mowers, I had a 18" Model with a Briggs engine, weighed nothing, I could throw it around nice and easy and it collected well in the wet as it had a wide collection chute and a good blade, worth checking out for sure.. if that fails I also second Dans comments on brushcutter, makes light work on small areas...
      • Hi Harry, please can I ask about that Cobra? I'm contemplating getting a reasonably cheap mower whilst I work out what to do with my Etesia and had seen the Cobra as a possibility. I realise it won't be amazing for wet grass but is it genuinely reasonable? As long as it's not absolutely dreadful in the wet I'll probably get one. The other alternative is the Izy but they really do struggle plus they don't have a roller.

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          Hello mate, I was very impressed with the collection on my little Cobra mower, i even posted on here at the time to say that it collected better in the wet than my Hayter pro 48, Honda pro 21" and the John Deere I had at the time, the main reason for this was the blade was a good design, the grass chute was wider than most, and it's simple design meant the grass didn't have to get thrown so far to reach the bag, it was the RM46SPB which I had, i really was surprised ...
          • Thank you, that was the exact one I was looking at

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              My choices of occasional lightweight mowers have tended to veer towards the domestic fleet as they are simply the lightest i found . 

              push mountfield was excellent but died on me after Three months light use , Mitox again good but died after Eleven months light use, currently using a Qualcast mulcher with a B&S engine , prime it and pull the starter cord , it doesn't start , but prime it and wait Three minutes , pull the starter cord and it starts first time and even when hot . 

              I couldn't find a machine with a roller light enough for this one awkward site , my approach is only viable because the machines have died before the warranty expired and i was able to get refunds . 

              I have access to the Honda izy , rubber strip enables stripes without the need for a roller but the machine still requires two people to lift it over a low wall but a good machine all the same if you can manage to get it onto your site .

        • What ?  My 16 Izy never struggles.  It's so good that I rarely bother with the bigger honda.  Sharpen the blade & most importantly, increase the revs.

          Honda engine is way better that B&S

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    I'm picking up a second hand 16" Cobra push roller today to do a couple of awkward domestics, small spaces, steps etc. I'll write a follow up at the end of the week.

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