lightweight mower

what do you suggest for a occasional use lightweight mower  preferably with a roller  that I can carry up steps (quite a few) also when the soil is that wet I cannot  get the grass cut as they are leaving wheel ins ore paddling it up when you turn

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    I got a Bosch 43cm cordless domestic mower for carrying down steps and steep banks. It's light as a feather and has a wee plastic roller which leaves a surprisingly good stripe for all the weight of the mower. Got it ex demo at less than half price but tbh would pay full price for it as I now use it for lots of small lawns as it's so handy to lift in and out. Had it a year now and no complaints whatsoever.
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      Hi Paul, how long does the battery last ?

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        Depends on how long/wet the grass is. Averages round an hour, but ok for me as I'm only using it on a few small lawns that take 10 mins or less.
  • I have always fancied one of these but last time I looked they were more expensive than an Izy
  • My worry would be moss.  I have some clients with lots of moss, which they don't want treated.  My Honda slows noticeably & I wonder if an electric would cope 

  • This is timely as I am in the process of planning the purchase of a smaller mower.

    I currently run two Lawnflites, a 21 inch pro model for larger heavier jobs and a lighter 19 inch roller mower which is my main day to day machine.

    The issue is that in reality many of the lawns I cut are reasonably small and tight and the 19 inch is a bit of a hassle to manoeuvre around.

    I have considered various machines but am down to two, both 16 inch, an Izy and a Hayter Spirit. I have used an Izy at one of my clients houses and it is so light and manoeuvrable, yet I like the idea of the Spirit which has a roller and is therefore potentially more user friendly in terms of edges. Most of these lawns in question are 'rough and ready' so don't need an ultra-neat finish or striping.

    Both models are similar weight and price and I really can't decide. The Izy speaks for itself, but has anyone experience of the Spirit?? Any other ideas/comment??

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      I'm just following this thread for others thoughts, not currently looking to buy as my machines have plenty of life left in them, however...

      In both of our vans we have Hayter Pro 48's and Hayter Harrier 41's. Pro around 45kg, HH 32kg I think which we carry when required. The HH leaves a great finish, however their reliability leaves a lot to be desired. Currently one having repairs, different troubles all of the time. I originally thought (and still a factor) down to a ex-employee, but still issues. I like the Pro and use wherever possible now.

      In the next couple of years I may well phase out the HH or use one as a backup and replace with it one of the above suggestions. Interested by a Weibang with what I'm hearing. Both Pro's very new and no issues at all apart from a snapped drive cable the once last year. 

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        Have to say, Jack, the words lightweight and Weibang will never be seen in the same sentence!

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          Sorry if that was a little long-winded Tony - a Weibang would only be in place of a Hayter Pro, not as a lightweight solution!

      • The new Hayter Harrier looks considerably more robust and comes with a 2 year commercial warranty. Not used it myself but looks like it should be a better commercial option than the old one which just wasn't strong enough for commercial use.

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