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Morning people.I'm new to this forum, and enjoying reading questions and replies/ help from others.I have a client who had builders in earlier this year, and part of their deal for trashing the lawn with machines was to make a new lawn, but some how in the process all the subsoil from the site was used to make the new lawn, resulting in a poor lawn and I need to remove subsoil and replace with top soil, what depth do I need to remove? Thanks

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    Tricky one this as it depends on whats beneath the soil, is there a sublayer of hard impenetrable material that will form a drainage barrier - could be concrete, compacted builders rubble/rubbish etc. Thats the key  factor. If there is, that'll need to be broken up / drainage capilaries created first.

    If it's normal subsoil underneath, then it's budget. 6" minimum, 12" good. Please don't use normal British Standard 10mm Graded Top Soil as this will be too stoney. Needs to be 2-3mm screened - remember it's screened via slats not a grid.

    • Thanks that's good to know, I know a soak away was put in one area, which noticeable from soil settling lower down. But as it was a decent lawn before I think it's just a case of sub soil. Thanks
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    If the soil texture is ok but just poor in nutrients then adding OM to start increasing soil microbes & goodness would be an easier fix. However if very clay-ey or sandy then yes get rid of 3-6" and replace with good quality topsoil.
    But I would definitely decompact the sub-sub soil while the top layer is stripped off as their machines will have tracked over it to create that impenetrable drainage pan that Andrew mentioned.

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    Depending on the underlying sub soil it maybe worth ensuring a layer of gravel 2-3") under the top soil layer

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