What is average cost for mowing a garden?

Hi all,

Most of my customers are regular maintenance which I visit every other week.

I would say on average most lawns take me between 15 and 35 mins to mow and strim.My set figure for these jobs is between £20 and £25 each.

I am interested to see what other people are charging for the same kind of work ?

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    Another bump on this old but useful thread. I am sticking to a min charge of £25. Interested in what others are doing this season. Thanks
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      I would say it is area specific as to the price people will pay? Interestingly a few friends/people I have spoken to re prices recently said they would expect to be charged started at £20 but they assumed that would be an hours job. Most were small lawns of 50m and less and would take 30 mins to mow storm blow and tidy. Here in the south west I'm at starting price of £22 again based on 50m. Hoping to increase and up sell the treatment and add on services of scarifying etc.
    • I Agree with you Russell, £25 seems reasonable considering plant and vehicle costs, your time and fuel. More importantly if you are getting work and your happy with the costs/profits it doesn't matter what others are charging. 

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    We're as little as £10, but these are 15 minute jobs in areas we have high density anyway. Many £15-£20 jobs which take 30-40 minutes. In my own mind we want to be pulling in £30ph inclusive of travel, if we have really good density this can be as high as 40-45ph when the grass is dry. We're not charging VAT (yet) and not taking clippings. I have increased prices sparingly over the last 5-7 years. I feel that pricing is increasingly inelastic with loyalty; however I don't wish to hit my client base with a double increase along with VAT...

    There's this year first anyhow! 

    • Consciously keeping your turnover down will limit your potential earnings.  It all depends what you want out of life and where you feel you want to be in 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years time. Having been used to the 'buzz' of private, commercial and site landscaping, garden maintenance is now my 'second career' and moving forward has always been my philosophy. Now approaching retirement, I don't need to work every day and the business works well with 3 - 4 full time employees.

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        Can only second that emotion......:)

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    Just been asked to quote for a lawn today around a 1000 sq yards is £45 too cheap.?

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      I can't visualise 1000 sq yards. But I do a couple of cuts around 900 m2 and charge about that. It's cut and drop though with a 36" and a quick strim and blow to leave it tidy.
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        900 M2 is about the same as 10002 yards.
    • How long will it take you? are there obstacles? is it one patch or many? how much travel time? whats the travel time to the next job?  I tend to look at these factors as well.   

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