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Hi folks - just wondering what people would recommend for edging a lawn other than the usual half moon and shears. Do you guys use strimmers or an edging tool attachment with rotating blade. Any help much appreciated


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  • Strimmer unless gravel borders the lawn then shears,

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    The mantis tiller with attachments is useful. Can be used for properties when you need to carry through house. We regularly use the scarifier (de-thatcher), edger and tiller functions, plus occationally the slit aeration. Surprising effective for such a small piece of kit.

    • Andrew, I am interested in the scarifier and aerator option on the Mantis. I would guess these are ok for smaller lawns and are fairly heavy duty to use? Cheers
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    Stihl FS40 strimmer

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      I bought an fs40 to try and achieve that finish. Could not master it so went back to shears!
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        It does take a bit of practice Richard.  The garden in the photo takes me two hours to strim all the edges and they like it done weekly!

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    ive purchased all types of half moon shaped lawn edgers in my time even one with a lifetime guarantee that i got fed up taking back so many times to replace , none ever seam to last so id have to say edge with strimmer except near gravel areas id use shears.

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    Andrew, they are only really a last resort for when other kit won't fit. The scarifier is spring tines so does not penetrate too deeply and is only 6" wide, 3" gap, 6" wide, so lots of overlap needed. The aerator only goes an inch or so deep, but leaves a line, so volume rather than depth. We've had good results with it, but don't compare to bigger machinery, more to say better than having to use a rake and fork.

    Pretty tough though with a good honda engine.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Food for thought.
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        thanks guys. Having edged a few lawns in my time I have always used shears but they are too short for me and trouble my back - yes I could extend the handles but wanted to be a bit quicker. Looking at the videos online in the US they tend to use a rotating solid blade edging tool or a strimmer. Strimmer looks tough to master. Has anyone got experience of the other blade edger and if so which would you recommend?

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