Lawn drainage

Hi, Looking for opinions regarding lawn drainage.

We have quoted for a complete garden makeover including drainage for the lawn (320m2)

Client complains that grass is uneven, wet with poor drainage and very mossy hence the drainage. Now to keep in budget i was thinking about proposing to leave the drainage out? and kill existing  grass/moss rotovate it and bring in good topsoil and turf? with an on going maintenance programme.

I am trying to convince them to get a gardener in once the work is finish as i am not sure if they will maintain it. I hate to see a garden that has not been looked after by clients especially after spending a lot of money on the makeover. The gardener could aerated feed etc to keep grass decent aiding in the drainage.



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    Whats the soil sublayer, say 6" and further down look like; that will drive answers to above questions.

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      It is well compacted but not clay.
  • If you are in renfrew I would have thought you are on clay? . I am in east kilbride and would always push towards putting the drains in the ground is heavy clay here and it makes a hell of a difference.
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      Projects in Bearsden on an older property . Clients have been in the house for a year and the grass/moss must be about 70% areas that lie wet haw shallow depressions. On a visit it had been wet before and to be honest I did think it was that bad. My thinking is they won't look after it a and It will be back to moss in no time and make drainage redundant.
      • I would up sell the drsinage and put some sand in the topsoil and also raise the ph if needed. The drainage, free draining topsoil and raising the ph with lime if needed should sort it for as long a practicable
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          Thanks. What's the process for the lime. Haven't worked with lime?

          • Garden lime is crushed limestone you just apply it at the rate recomended on the box/bag. Its fairly inert so it not super critical and moss hates free draining alkili soil.
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    I would say upsell the client to put in the drainage - I have a number of clients with poorly draining established lawns.... fighting the moss is a never ending battle. Now is the time to do it if the client is putting things in for the first time - it is not an easy retrofit for an established garden.

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      Thanks for info. I have said topsoil but it's really root zone 60/40 mix. Problem is its part of a 20k job and they have a 15k max budget and want it all. Meeting them on Thursday I tried to sway them to putting the drainage in and loosing a bit of the blocked drive to gravel.
      • From brearsden and wanting it all. I am shocked!!LOL!!
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