Lawn care in November

Hi All. Do you think It would be ok to Aerate my lawn and apply top dressing and fertiliser this weekend. It doesn't look like it is set to get below 2 degrees c for the rest of November.Also any thoughts on manual hollow tine lawn aerators? I have 280m2 to do.Again, thanks for all the advice in advance. Regards

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    What fert have you got? 

  • Hi. Thanks for replying. It is proctors autumn and winter lawn feed

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    I’d stick the granules on and leave the other stuff till spring so it can recover when it’s actually growing.
    • Hi Richard. Thank you for your advice. I appreciate your time..
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        No problem. I cut grass rather than treat it though so the lawn care guys know better and will be along by tomorrow no doubt!
        I just think it’s late to be ripping down into the grass!
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    Hi Lee,

    Richard sums it up, well but my thoughts....

    It's ok to hollow tine aerate this time of year but watch for the soil being too boggy/waterlogged, if so hold off until conditions improve. Manually hollow tining 280m2 will take a long time, despite being a good workout! Consider hiring an aerator for the day as an option. Will cost more but typically the hire machines are pro spec and will do better job than a manual aerator that won't extract cores as deep as a machine can.  

    Fertiliser is fine to go down now, but make sure it's a dedicated Autumn/Winter type feed with low nitrogen. You don't want to promote top growth until Spring. 

    I would hold off top dressing now. Assuming you are thinking 70/30 sand/soil type mix, best to go down when conditions/ground are dry, plus when grass is actively growing to push through the dressing. 

    Another option is to top dress and over seed in Spring, when you will get more benefit from top dressing.

    Last point is why top dress now? Are you thinking the dressing needs to fill the holes? Not always necessary on domestic lawns as you primarily hollow tine to relieve soil compaction, thus want to keep the holes open to allow the surrounding soil to relax into that space over time, plus get water/air into the root zone and aid greater root density/growth. There's many scenarios and schools of thought on this but don't think you have to replicate exactly what done on say a golf green for a domestic lawn. 

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