Lawn Care Costs - Spreadsheet

After a recent post I sat down and looked at how we charge for lawn care and decided to try a formalise it a bit.

I have an idea about how much the franchises charge, but ultimately that is irrelevent as you have to charge according to your product and labour costs.

Having employed an ex-franchise employee I have some idea of how they did it and what they paid their guys.

So I've messed about with Excel and came up with a really basic excel - which is there for anyone to use.

It's self explanatory. I've gone back a revisited some of clients charges this year already and it's proved 'educational' !

I'm not saying it's perfect or right for everyone, but I got fed up trying to cost against rising product prices, repeated different requests etc and fag packets.

The data that is in there is now purely fictional - you've got to add your own products and costs and mark up

If it helps someone then that's a bonus....

Do you think I should leave the spreadsheet on the forum or make only available via LJN email box

Update : email me if you want a copy...

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  • Hi any chance someone could send me a copy of this spreadsheet please
  • PRO
    Please can you send me a copy of your lawn care spreadsheet? Gary
    • PRO

      Hi Bryn, I think it is in the BOG documents section to download.

      In the turfcare folder

      • PRO
        Ok thanks, I will have a look.
      • PRO

        Yep it's there :)

        Some people are just to lazy to go look ;)

  • I would be interested in a copy please. PM sent. Thanks Andrew.
  • I would be interested in a copy also please.

    Thank you in advance.



    • PRO

      Sent :)

  • PRO

    Any chance someone could forward it to me please

    • Could I have it sent to me too please?
This reply was deleted.

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