Large scale lawn renovation


A client has asked me to look into correcting some quite serious trenches they have that run the length of approximately half of their large lawn.

The image doesn't really give  an accurate idea of the scale and depth involved but I feel that importing soil to level it out would be costly and time consuming.The other option might be to get someone in with a tractor or digger to level out and provide a suitable finish for re-seeding. I don't really have much knowledge of what that would entail exactly or the equipment needed to do it. Does anyone have any experience of carrying repairs of this nature please? Even if it isn't a job I end up doing myself,I'd still like to be able to advise the client accordingly as I will be mowing the area going forward.



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    First thing is to find out why it's done it.
    Once you know that it's worth fixing. If you fill it and it drops again you won't be popular!
  • Could it be a French drainage system?
    • PRO
      Could be. Could be mining subsidence or another thing.
      Drains look a good suspect as they are straightish lines
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    Apparently it was caused when drains were installed a few years ago. They are about 1m deep. There hasn't been any previous attempt to fill the trenches.

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      In that case as long as the drains are deep enough I would be getting a farmer in to plough it up and level it. I'd be getting them to reseed it too.
      Filling the holes in will take forever and cost far more I would think
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        Just as a side thought. Have they been in touch with the water board?
        I wonder if they should be making this right?
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    I get the impression they haven't complained to the water board,probably too much time has passed now but I will mention it.Thanks for your help,I'm definitely feeling that the way to go is with a local farmer.Would it need spraying before ploughing? Probably not worth it I expect?

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      Could be sprayed off with glyphosate, shallow ploughed, then rotovated before levelling, reseeding and rolling. What kind of area size are we talking? Definitely would digging down and seeing how deep those drains are in before getting machinery on it though!!
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    Hi Adam - As a rough guess I'd say it's in the region of 1200 - 1500 square meters.


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    Looks like two different grass types anyway so its a good chance to spray off, power harrow, level off and re-seed the entire area. I do think you will need to import a bit of soil to maintain levels investigate the soil profile to make sure there is no clay layer after the drains were put in and the subsoil slopped back over the top......

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