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    Yes, very very pushy, unfortunately for them I'm a cynical sod and didnt fall for the spiel.
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      Hi Andy,

      I am the editor of Landscape Insight - apologies if we have come across as pushy. I'm sure our sales team are just keen to make a success of our launch. If you would like to know anything more about the magazine or to hear from the editorial side I am always available for a chat. You can reach me on 020 3598 4630 or

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    Cannot comment on the content because i don't think its launched until 2017 but I am not sure its a dedicated publication as it states it has a portfolio of titles in other sectors which to me although no expert suggests It can only be as good as its resources and contributors .  

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      Hi John,

      I am the editor of Landscape Insight and wanted to respond to you directly.

      Most B2B magazines are owned by a parent publisher producing other magazines in different sectors. It takes time to build up a reputation but we are working very hard and currently assembling a roster of regular contributors from within the industry to make sure the magazine is rich in expertise and on-the-ground knowledge. 

      We mention our other titles to show the market that we are serious and we have had success publishing in other sectors over the last 20 years.

      I am available for a chat if you would like to know more about the magazine from the horse's mouth, as it were. You can reach me on 020 3598 4630 or

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    'Bringing a fresh approach' 

    Looks the same old same old to me..

    What with the Professional Horticulture mag, it's again becoming a crowded space. Nothing fresh, nothing new from any of them. Just wishy washy PR IMO.

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      Hi Phil,

      I am the editor of Landscape Insight and wanted to respond to you directly.

      We are bringing in a new approach insofar as we will have more of an international focus than existing magazines in the sector, alongside our key coverage of what is happening in the UK. It's good for any sector to have a plurality of magazines to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at exposure and that there is a choice of quality, pricing, and subject matter. The more magazines the better the chance that the press as a whole are covering the entire industry.

      I am available for a chat if you would like to know more about the magazine at any time. You can reach me on 020 3598 4630 or

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        Hi Michael

        It's good of you to join...why not give me a call?

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    It's my view that LJN members bring the raw story to the industry. Nothing bolstered, nothing embellished.....the every day life and challenges of what it's really like on the ground.

    LJN members tell it as it is. Whether is a problem with a machine or the  quality of a paving slab, the message over rides the bullshit. 

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    I signed up to the free to print magazine and it said in the after screen that my free copies of Jewellery Focus will arrive shortly.

This reply was deleted.

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