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    Hi Ben,

    Try Ecoplugs: very safe and ideal for gardens or public areas - as long as you passed your PA6 before Jan. 2015 you will be ok to apply ---assessments after this date will need a separate PA test just for Ecoplugs.....

    (01778) 394052

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      Sadly I only passed in September 2015 and I cannot find anywhere within 50 miles that does the PA test for ecoplugs. Or stem injection for that matter. Given this, what else would you suggest?

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        If you are unable to travel to PG, you could try Ian Gower Associates in Kent, I know he does these courses, or failing that I may know a trainer in Southamptom if that's not too far ?

  • I've no doubt ecoplugs are very effective though its going to be very pricey if you've a lot of large stumps to deal with. I find drilling a ring of holes round the perimeter of the cut stump surface (or some slots with a chainsaw if you've got one) and then just poor in some very strong/neat roundup into the holes. I drill roughly 12mm holes about 25mm deep spaced about every 20cms. you can pick up some really cheap glyphosate for under £30/5 litres which is ideal for the job. Another alternative I've used is anything that contains "trilopyr" (Blaster is one of them) which is also very effective........... this can be purchased at your local gardencentres etc as SBK Brushwood killer.

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      For safety,  would you not need to cover or exclude the area if applying neat glypho as public, kids, animals etc could come into contact with that ?

      The plugs dispense measured amount into the timber, with the hole safely capped.

      Also cheap glyhpo is not such a 'safe' product in comparison with alternatives such as RUP.

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        Ditto, I think with the shrinking pool of chemicals and the scrutiny we are under, as an industry, if there is a safer option we need to take it. 

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          So, what's the answer then? As ecoplugs are not an option for me right now. What would you recommend?

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            I would just use the drill method if you can't get to a course in time. Just be careful and maybe cordon off like Gary suggests.
            Then do the course.
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              Will if I can find a course. Even the city and guilds site doesn't list places that offer the specific units. It says Capel Manor do... but thats where I did the PA1/PA6, and they don't offer it.

              I am very frustrated by these new laws.

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                Your not the only one!
                Hands being tied everywhere!
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