just mowing for a living possible ?

Hello to everybody,

I found this forum when looking for lawnmower reviews.

I've bought a Hayter 41, 70 years limited edition new in the end, its only to used on one domestic property and in the dry. I've tried it once so far. I like that it's british made and was a bargain. I've worked in grounds care on and off some 24 years in total, my favorite aspect of this has always been mowing, never been able to fathom why just love to mow. I had my first real mower at the age of 10, a used sufffolk colt as a birthday present, my dad was so pleased to buy me that present. A few changes in my work/personel life and probably just mid life its self, has made me yearn for my own personel mowing round and thats the 64 thousand dollar question. I would like to ask is it possible to make a living, just mow strim and blow on domestic properties, nothing else except winter hedge/schrub trimming or is that like a lot of mid life ideas and just dream land.

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    Yes many people do that - and a fairly good living too. Just need the right density to minimise travelling time. Plus the right mowers to be efficient on mowing time with a good finish.

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    That sums up my business.
    It can be done but as Andrew says you need the right gear and the customers in the right place to make it work.
    Go for it
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      Should add I don't just do domestic but I used to I may go back to it one day. But I do cut grass all day everyday in growing season bar a couple of clients
  • There are plenty of people doing this, but new technology could put the dampers on that service in the not too distant future. 

    • Robotic mowers are a replacement for a ride on mower and are limited in so much that they need a large grass area.  Some of the gardens i do have drives walls and roads around them and robots can't cope with that yet!  I think we will be OK for the next 12 months after that who knows.  

      Buy a mower Martin and get a round going you will soon have more than you can cope with!  Good luck.

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    I know I'm going to regret this, but OK, go on Adrian, do enlighten us, and please give more detail than just robotic mowers.

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      I was wondering also? One of my clients had a robotic mower to cut his lawns, fairplay when it was working, it actually did a fairly decent job, and on a large lawn, however it didn't "work" very often, plus we had to do the install and maintenance when the squirrels dug up and ate the cables and it didn't do the edges, so I too am intrigued to see what's going to change in the next few years ... ???
    • Adrian's trawling the internet.....................................!  ;-)

      • Do you mean trolling??
  • Yes you can make a very good living if you don't mind pushing a mower all day.
    I do partly agree with Adrian though I was talking to my local mower dealer and he was telling me that last year they saw a huge rise in robotic mower sales for larger lawns as the price is now comparable to domestic ride ons now.<br/>
    However until the technology allows the mower to do the edges I think it will be a while before they are mainstream.
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