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Afternoon chaps an chapessesThis question is prompted by something that popped up on my Facebook feed I'm in a gardening group on there and a member is complaining about a hedge cutting price they were quoted. They have a 6ft tall 9ft long L shaped hedge which has been quoted at £160 (no idea what state it's in). There main issue seems to be "the old gardener (now retired) charged 80 quid to cut it an almost all the replys including from some "professionals" has been £160! It's 35 quid tops. Would any of you consider £160 an exorbitant price ?

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  • Assuming it's not vastly overgrown, it certainly does sound vastly exorbitant.........what were they going to cut it with... nail clippers?!!...... how long's it going to take? It's a really small hedge and I'd expect to easily do it in less than an hour... and that would include a stop for tea and biscuits lol.

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    Agreed with Graham - assuming its not on a massively steep bank or horrendously overgrown I would say it is (slightly longer than Graham) a couple of hours work, including clearing everything up.... for a regular client well under £100, for a one off £80 seems about right

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    i get the impression that the guy who quoted for it doesn't really want to do it so went in high.
  • I regularly use three reputable tree surgeons to carry out work for us and obtain quotes from all for work ranging from a few hundred to a good few thou.  Even tho I know them all well, their prices often vary quite considerably for the same job. 

    It does seem strange in this case that 'almost all come in at £160' for what seems quite a small job. Maybe there's a bit more to it and the 6' bit is the finish and it currently stands at 12ft! 

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      i don't think so from what they said it's been cut regularly twice a year by someone whom has now retired. But then it is Facebook so you never can be sure.
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        It sounds as if there is some risk involved , I once went to see a hedging job which was knocked back by others because of the flower bed in front of the hedge and there was the risk of snapping and trampling down the plants delphiniums and echinops . 

        Another reason could be vehicle access to the property or access to the hedge itself , Adam makes a good point about the steep bank . 

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          Indeed customers do at times over simplify the job they want you to quote for
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