Ivy and Ground problems

I've got a very large garden with a very large ivy problem it's everywhere as is the ground elder. To give you an idea the grounds are on a grade two* lisited house in the woods. The grounds are well established in a English country garden manner so carpet spraying is not an option really. As they have flowers and plants for all seasons. Great weekly and all year garden.Any suggestions

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    If you can't kill it with spray you might have to keep pulling/digging it up try to turn ground to get as many roots out as possible, a pain I know but you will get some control in the end.
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    Definitely a light strim to get the leaf topping down, Like Richard said, a part section digging process or rotorvator if its not too thick. 

    We have success with the growth against buildings, using inverted hoe, jimmy bar or heavier, and the removal of roots, but when its all over, id get the clients expectations. Personally I hate the stuff, even when its used for ground cover. 

    Good luck, Post some pictures to show the extent. 

    Sounds like nice grounds, perfect for our new Kubota ride on. #jealous!

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    How do I add photos to forum?
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      You can only add photo's from a PC running a full browser - ie you can not currently add photos from a mobile/tablet.

      Then, once you have the HTML edit box open (ie as you add a response) look for the picture icon (2nd from left) on the menu/control bar and follow instructions.

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    He's the grounds.

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    My Ivy and ground elder problems

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      Lovely garden, The ivy is a proper by hand rip out, section by section. Pain in the arse but the only way, if the client really wants it removed. It will take a while but be worth it. 


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    They are completely open to my input, and yes I they want the ivy removed. Took over this garden in the summer, so looking forward to the continued challenges 

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    All by hand I'm afraid.  Although I'd use a fork rather than a spade because every bit of ground elder root you chop up becomes a new plant! Loosen the soil and try to tease it out without breaking it.  FYI I spent about 5 hours last week on a heavily infested area and did less than 2sqm.

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      That ivy doesnt look that bad in the photos - 

      It looks like a few years growth and really might not be so bad - depends on the ground quality and depth of roots - you might find it actually comes out really easily , back to the originating main roots 

      Then just drill : apply ghlyphosate / stump out / echo plug the the main stem / root

      As for ground elder i may be being a numpty but i cant see any ? which photo is it in - is it bad , generally digging is unsuccessfull - youd be better painting on a glphosphate or using roundup gel ?

      Other option is obviously remove as many plants from each border bit by bit -- then spray -- replant even maybe using a membrane 

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