It's Not Like a Real Job!

Yesterday morning, feeling a bit p'eed off, after being on the phone to the HMRC for 48mins trying to sort our why they think I owe them £62.00, I eventually arrived at my first call, which is down a long straight 400 yd country drive. Half way down, out sprinted a half grown rabbit, as it turned out running for it's life, as it was being chased by a hawk!  Lucky for the rabbit, the Hawk saw my van and swooped away, but it got me thinking back to 41 years ago, when I left office work to work outside 'until I found another proper job' and then I thought about the guy who just shared 48 minutes of my life, just 10 mins before and was probably still sitting at his desk answering another query.

As winter closes in, there's a few 'uncomfortable' days ahead, but it's all worth it!!

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    Our Unit is semi rural nr lakes and we often come face to face with Deer on the entrance road.

    Not sure who is more startled us or them, but great to see and reminds us of how good life is in our job - being in very early you get to see a side of real life missed by the 9-5'ers

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      I remember many years ago when i worked in the Jewellery trade telling my boss i was leaving to become a gardener , On the last day of working my notice He shook my hand and said '' Do you realise you will be out in  all weathers '' ?   I replied yes but i like the weather especially the fresh air , As i walked to the door he said '' listen i will make you a director of the company ''   

      I stopped in my tracks , I was absolutely stunned by his statement as this was an old established company , I replied '' thank you '' but my mind is already made up and i was venturing out without a job to go to , a mortgage , a wife and two daughters to support , no actual experience of gardening apart from my own but a strong conviction inside it was the right choice , My boss said ''don't look back John . 

      That door closed and a new one opened I actually feel fitter and healthier now than i did Thirty years ago . 

      • Well done John.  I remember the negativity, when I was saying my goodbyes, I only had  one "good for you".  Most said, "you must be mad" "but you need a steady job" " what about the winter" "what about the pension" "no money in it" etc etc. Yes, the money side is nothing like I could have earned in the City and I would have definitely retired by now! Actually I could retire now, but choose to work on, mixing work with lots of holidays and a couple of rounds of golf a week. 

  • I know a few people who have 9-5 ish type jobs who would dearly love to give up work and become self employed not necessarily in this field but can't due to financial constraints.

  • I’ve just started a new contract caring for 25 acres of woodland, lakes, a field and formal gardens- the colder crisp autumn mornings make the views I see truly majestic and I’m seeing wildlife I’ve never seen in my life before. While some of it is a hard graft I am also sometimes pinching my self to remind me it’s real and I’m actually getting paid for what I’m doing!!!
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      This sounds like a great opportunity A.M .  I highly recommend keeping a photo journal of your surroundings , so nice to look back on and monitor growth and seasonal changes , time passes quickly , My 20 years on an estate passed in the blink of an eye so i reckon i must have being enjoying myself . 

  • I've been stuck out in the cold & rain all week but it's still better than an office job or factory work IMHO every time because it's my time on my terms. What about the winter? I'm busier atm than I was end of summer.
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