iPhone cases!!

Hi all been a bit stupid and bought an iPhone7! Do any of you have any good iPhone cases you can recommend?I'm looking for a complete cover that will withstand our kind of knocks and bumps etc.I realise it's new but I'm hoping to get an updated version if something that others have used.Thanks in advance Richard

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  • Yes! The Griffin covers are excellent...
    A friend has had one since day one and her 6 year old iPhone4 is immaculate still...
    I have a TakTix case which turns my phone into a small tank! Armoured to the max but quite heavy....And is bright Yellow so I don't loose it!
    They are the two I've researched...
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    I've recently upgraded to a 6s and have always used a Tech21 case. You can bounce the iPhone on its corner from as high as you dare....

    It's the one with a special plastic that changes to absorb the shock and was also the one the Dragons Den bought into. Be ware they are not cheap but neither are new phones having left my first 6s on the bonnet of my truck and drove off only to see it bounce off onto the A31 at 60mph :( - we never found the phone....

    Also have a 'glass' based screen protector - doesn't scratch or mark. Comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

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    Amazon. Griffin cases. Chunky but v.good. I've had the for a iPhone 4 and 5 both of which have had some serious abuse. Drops from height, kicks, the odd throw, dampness, and of course the usual c*** we manage to cover our phones in during the day.
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    Thanks both of you.
    It's a shame you never found the phone Gary to see if it still worked!
    What's this glass based screen protector?
    Is this tech case not a complete cover as in back front and edges?
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      No, because I use a BT phone car/van kit with a Brodit 'active' mount that the iPhone slides into to charge and be visible.

      The glass front screen provides a similar level of protection - just can't remember it's name.

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        Ah ok thanks. I've looked on amazon for these cases mentioned. I think I might get this griffin one as it's full body armour!!
        My truck has built in Bluetooth so I don't need access to any ports unless it's running low on battery.
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          That's what the Brodit mount is for, my BT is built in as well but use the iPhone as a Satnav so need it held, visible and on charge as it will drain fast. The Tech case is one of the only ones that work both as protection and fit the mount.The griffin one has a good reputation :)

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          Griffin cases have easy acess to camera, charger point, and earphone socket. Love mine.
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        Is it Gorilla glass you're thinking of?

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