Invoices (receipt, invoice, vat) help.

Hi everyone,My apologies for not posting for a while, I have been really busy.The issue I have just come across is incoice/receipts.So we issue a quote to a customer and they accept.We then take a deposit payment to cover material cost and give them a receipt for the payment which clearly states the amount paid, date etc.We then complete the work and issue another receipt in the same style.Our question is VAT Invoices... how does this work?Do we simply add a VAT section onto our NCR Pads and issue them instead of receipts?What should they include?

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      Yes, those are some of the pros and cons.<br />
      <br />
      For us, Our servers are backed up automatically every night via a Barclays Bank small business service - everything - which us great and allows a fast restore from a single file to a volume.<br />
      <br />
      I'm not a full convert of having all eggs in one basket, whether it be total server/desktop or fully online so we have a mix and can access system fast thru access software if needed.<br />
      <br />
      When our 4G services coverage improved from 48% of country it will help tremendously. <br />
      <br />
      For desktop. if no broadband we can still work vs Online access anywhere. Each business will be different<br />
      <br />
      Unfortunately QB Online has seVeral KEY business features missing which renders it less than desirable / unusable for us.<br />
      <br />
      I'm sure QB online features will improve, but you are tied to ever increasing recurring fees.<br />
      <br />
      For the two cloud based services we use, everytime you want a feature or an additional admin user or field user it all adds up and one has to assess the cost benefit. .....
  • Thanks for the input guys!

    After spending most of the day on the web looking into this it seems that QB Online is going to meet our needs.

    Thanks again!
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      Cool. Will be a good choice :)
      • Thanks,
        I have now set up a QB Account and looking to personalise it to meet our needs.

        Just a little quotation.. when you create a new estimate is there a way of putting the deposit amount on there?

        Total Cost: £1000
        Deposit: £250
        Balance: £750

        It currently only shows the total...
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          Thinking it through, not sure you would show deposit/money held on account against an Estimate (..and do you really mean an Estimate, not a Quote) ?

          You would either invoice for 25% deposit (say) or issue a Sales Receipt for monies received.

          A Statement of Account would show the total picture.

          • Hi Gary,

            It is a quote we would like to issue not an estimate. We currently issue quotes using a paper NCR Pad and would like to try and mimic that style but having issues haha.

            So just to try and make it simpler for us would you simply supply a quote with the TOTAL COST only then state to the customer that should they accept a deposit of XYZ would be invoice prior to the work commencing?

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              Yes, that's how I would do it - they may ask for an Invoice (for the deposit) to pay against and especially be true if commercial, or they make a payment then would be good practice to issue a Receipt.

              So much depends on the Client, but Trading Standards do guide Traders to issue full audit trails.

              • Morning Gary,
                Thanks for the tips... our plan is to now:

                Issue a quote with full amount of the work costs (materials & labour) with a foot note stating that a materials deposit will be invoices on acceptance of the quote and the remaining balance (labour costs) will be invoiced once work has completed.

                Does this sound acceptable to you?
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    Agree Gary about recurring costs and tie in - in the end I decided I'm kind of self tied in anyway as moving over to other software will be very time consuming and risky.

    As for costs, it's small monthly charges; it cost me £600 to get my laptop repaired, upgraded (to a fast ssd), re-installed, labour, etc. Thats not including the hassle I had over the 4 days I had without proper IT access

    BTW, getting an SSD transformed my machine - it was like getting a new laptop in terms of performance.

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      Yes, I've played with a SSD system - very fast :) The way forward with size increasing all the time and cost lowering. People often don't realise they are using some form of "SSD" when on iPads etc

      On our Dell systems we use RAID technology which gives us resilience and instant (hot) swap capability if a HD fails. I suspect when these get replaced it will be with SSD's.

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