I need to buy some ladders

Hello,I need longer ladders for a hedge I'm part way through cutting.I plan to do gutter cleaning & guard installation over autumn/winter too, so would be good if the ladder could double up for that.I'm back on Wed so ideally from a physical store so I can pick them up.Ideally folded length that I can fit in my van, as be quicker & easier than getting on roof (and currently no roof bars), so I think it'd be 2m maxThinking prob combination?I know I've been posting a fair bit latelyThank you

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    2m ladders won't get you up to gutter height even a triple extending ladder.
    I've got a 3m combination triple ladder and that only just reaches properly as you need a good overhang really
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      I actually meant 3m max hmm. Tho tbh just eyeballing it from when I've had 2.4m sleepers in the van before.

      I'm not sure that ladder would be tall enough for the hedge, only 6 rungs. But then it says "Step height 1.75m up to 3.06m", which I'm a little confused by
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        It look to me like that ladder has 4 lots of 6 rungs. So you could have 12 and 12 as a step ladder.
        My 3m ones are the wickes 3 ladder combination stepladders/extended ladders.
        You can get crazy high on the step ladders as the 2 3 m sections form an A frame then the 3rd one slides up through higher still. Not nice being up there though!
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          I looked again and on the picture showing the different configurations, I see what you mean to regards to double extending step ladder.

          What wickes one do you have? I've googled a bit and although this one is pricey, I do like the look of this one. Very neat.

          Can I ask, what do you use to secure your ladder on uneven ground?
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            Wickes one is now this one it seems!


            As for uneven ground I don't secure it as I either won't work on it or I have someone standing on the bottom of the ladder. I won't risk falling off a ladder any more.
            Youngman 3.0m (9ft10) Combination Ladder
            A great 4-mode combination ladder from
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              Wickes do sell it I put that link as wickes website is down for maintenance it seems
              Youngman 3.0m (9ft10) Combination Ladder
              A great 4-mode combination ladder from
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                I went with the youngman 2m combi ladder. Fits easy in the van and not tall enough for gutters but goes nice and high on extended step ladder.

                Would love to have a hedgemaster but can't afford too yet, need a new hedge cutter & strimmer ASAP.

                I have a question. How on earth does the stay bar fit? Can't figure it out. Any chance of a pic? And is it vital it's used? Got the stabiliser bar on the bottom fine.
                Youngman 3.0m (9ft10) Combination Ladder
                A great 4-mode combination ladder from
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                  Do you mean the bar across when in stepladder mode?<br/>
                  If so it should swing across and slot into the back of one of the rungs. In the hollow bit on the side
                  Oh and yes use it be daft not too as it really does help with stability
                  Youngman 3.0m (9ft10) Combination Ladder
                  A great 4-mode combination ladder from
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                    Yup the bar across in step ladder mode

                    Ok I'll have another look in the morning and try and figure it out.

                    Was zero instructions 

                    Youngman 3.0m (9ft10) Combination Ladder
                    A great 4-mode combination ladder from
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    6.4 m full 1.85m stored.

    6 Rung Little Giant 'Classic'
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