How much does a 5L petrol can really hold?

And before you jump in with 5 litres... are you sure?

The reason I ask is that I filled up two petrol cans last week and somehow managed to get 6L in each one.  I'm pretty sure this is probably down to the calibration of the petrol pump but I thought I'd double check before complaining to the petrol station.

If they do hold more than 5L then I've been doing my fuel mix wrong for the last seven years! Hmmm....


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            :) I'm not suggesting you would.
            I was not expecting you to bite that quickly gary:)
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              It's my job to keep you on the straight & narrow, Richard........

              Think of me as your guardian angel....... ;)

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                  After years of doing RC model power-boat racing with highly spec'd 10-15cc engines with tuned exhausts running on various mixes including up to ~20% nitro, you get to know what you can get away with :) and how expensive it gets when you mix up fuel wrongly

                  Ive actually run a old blower for a laugh on a 5% nitro mix - amazing results, but sh*gged the engine pretty quick

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                    That sounds cool except the blowing up bit!
                    I think that's where the difference lies though. The more highly tuned the engine the more important it is. Also the newer the engine the less forgiving I suspect
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                      Fair to say the lower the power output or older design the engine is the more tolerant it would be.

                      New engines are highly complex, emission tuned and closer tolerances and do not put up with much abuse. That's partly why Stihl Green Ultra & Super oil was introduced....

                      One of the guys I know raced a 20cc Class 'Flattie' boat. That engine ran on 25% mix and gave out ~6-7hp at silly revs (remember a 50cc moped is ~5hp)

                      You kind of got me thinking now of getting some Nitro mix and messing about with a few old items...Speed up a Danarm, Sir.. Certainly add this to the fuel tank ..handing him a 25% Nitro fuel mix... :)

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                      New business idea hedge cutter powered go carts
  • I once bought an outboard engine fuel tank that confused me when I filled it, not till I read that litre was spelt liter, those Americans!
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    I usually fill up several plastic cans and a Jerry can at the same time, so have never noticed quantities before. We just happened to have run out of petrol last week and I only had two plastic cans on board.

    I put 100ml of Stihl HP Super (it's a 50:1 mix) in the plastic can and fill it to the top.  So it looks like it has been too weak all this time.  Gulp!

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      Is hp super the red or green? I forget which is which!
      If it's the green that's probably why you've got away with it
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