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    i dont take on monthly cuts as pain in backside turning up mid summer to tackle lawn with 4 weeks of growth plus only going to be using me 8 times a year id sooner fill my books with more regular clients.  i only make exceptions to monthly gardening clients if little lawn and say under 50m2 or so and slow growing. i have all grass cutting only clients on set schedule  2 per month low season and 3 per month in summer so works out 18-20 visits a season. as for how many customer do you decide to employ help, my answer would be when you can no long carry out any more work yourself.

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      thanks for response Matt ...  how many regular customers are you servicing??

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        if you private message me ill happily answer that and anything :)

    • I'm with you on that. I get clients asking for three week schedule but I explain that it would work out more expensive the a fortnight cut.

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    Hi Paul, welcome to LJN, just an observation but, you may find you get a little more feedback if you tell everyone a little about yourself and what it is your trying to achieve from your questions, Many thanks Harry
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      Apologies Harry ... Im new to forums so not overly sure of the etiquette.

      I started my lawn cutting round in 2012, It was meant as a temporary measure following my wife's passing.  I started by door to door leaflet dropping, small van and a basic mower. I am now maintaining about 50 lawns and enjoy it far more than i ever thought and very much a career now. I am trying to get some idea of the potential of lawn cutting only (i appreciate area to area will be different) and get idea of how im doing and at what point did people take on staff or whether they preferred to keep it more modest but more controllable

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        Thats super Paul, I get where your coming from now mate, the only person I know on here that only cuts lawns is Gordon Molly, he's a super chap and really helpful. I'd say it's time to employ when you find yourself working late everyday and not taking weekends off for yourself, I will say though that the only way you can make an employee pay, is if your charging is right, if you are charging for the lawn and not for the time taken to cut it then you are already ahead of a lot of firms, I'm sure other guys and girls on here will have some good advice on this, good luck with your decisions, many thanks Harry
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          Just wanted to add I'm so sorry to hear of your wife's passing, gardening and the peace it brings can be a great help in difficult times.
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            Thanks Harry ,,, and It sure helped :-) 

  • I work my round on my own at the moment and do 120 a fortnight. This is mostly ex council sized back and front lawns. This is the most I can do monday to friday 9-5. This year I will be taking on a worker to double this. I used to work with my brother and achieved 240 a fortnight. Bear in mind this is standard cuts no going around with edging shears etc
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