How hot is too hot for working ?

Well we had the too wet for working -- how about too hot ?

Personally i find the late 20s hard going for physical work and machinery work -- but i think i draw the line at 30 plus - sure sat on a ride on in your sunnies fine -- but heavy strimming , hedge cutter work and digging ?

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    Water to hand at all times, I plodded on today, mainly hedgecutting. 28-30c in the midlands. Not a major issue. 25c+ tends to trigger an early start. 

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    A memorable beautiful day , not complaining , didn't get finished until 9 pm , spent the evening watering customers troughs and hanging baskets ,  The van was like an oven . got two one litre plastic bottles of water in the freezer in preparation for tomorrow . 

  • always left a few jobs to do in the shade for the afternoon if poss. if not take more brakes and make shore you drink plenty of water

    when I worked in the building game hard hats were a pain too hot in summer too cold in winter


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    We've been doing our usual regular maintenance. We may be a little slower with more drink stops but sun cream, hats and frozen drinks make the hot weather managble. I prefer this than working in winter that's for sure. If people in hot countries like Australia can manage I don't see why we can't. Personally I wouldn't fancy a full day of digging or strimming in this but normal bit of everything maintenance is fine.

    I was quite peeved to get a text from a customer earlier today though saying they thought we ought to cancel our visit tomorrow due to the heat as there is no shade and is that OK!? I rang them up sharpish and explained we are fine to work. It really annoys me when customers try to cancel at the slightest sign of weather out of the norm. If we canceled every time it was raining, cold or too hot we'd never make a living.
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      Being an Aussie myself I can say we cope with the heat because we are born into it, in this country you get a week of thirties then it falls of to late teens, you can't acclimatise yourselves, some people cope with the sunshine better than others and some people are just plain thick, they wear no hat, no sunscreen, work with shirts off to get a tan and don't drink enough fluids, then when they get home they wonder why they have a headache and feel lethargic..... oh but nice tan btw, legend.... :-)
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        I remember visiting cousins in Surfers Paradise in late eighties and there was a man at the beach with a spray gun and compressor offering all over body spray with coconut oil so sun worshippers could get a 'deeper' tan....thankfully slip, slop, slap has educated everybody there much more - UK will catch up eventually as the melanoma mortality rate is already higher than 'straya

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          Noosa Heads was my local Surf spot growing up, definitely of the era "slip , slop , slap myself, we all have our tans, it's just we don't try and get them within a weeks sunshine.... ;-)
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    You may be interested to know that it's been 37C here today and forecast to be 39C (possibly more) tomorrow.

  • I found it rough going strimming a garden on Sunday afternoon and being a bit ginger and not 21 years old anymore doesn't help!
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